All A Little Human

Something that I see people forgetting is that, despite our differences in appearance, bodily composition, skin tone, height, weight, eyes, and so on, we all have something that makes us connected. We have something that connects us with life all across the planet, that makes us unique and special yet so irrevocably connected to one another. It isn’t something small, nor is it something menial, it is vital to our survival and it is vital to our way of life. Amidst the chaos of uncertainty, if we could only grasp the fact that we are humans, people on a single planet, one of the only planets in the cosmos that is capable of sustaining life, perhaps one day this commonality will bring us together instead of dividing us and splitting us apart.


We are living breathing and ever expanding organisms. We are always learning to adapt and change to our surroundings, procreating and extending our bloodlines. What it seems to be forgotten though is that we also bleed. We get hurt, we have wounds, scabs, scars. Our damages may not always be visible, but we push on and we perservere. We strive to be better people, and that is as it ought to be. We should all strive to be a little kinder, not just to others but ourselves as well. It should be a daily effort to go out of our way to show kindness to others who may have forgotten what it was. For they are connected to us in ways we might not of ever perceived.


I spent years being self involved, even though my mother taught me to be better than that. I spent years believing that I could count on no one but myself, even though my mother taught me to be better than that. I spent years thinking of me first, even though my mother taught me to be better than that. My mother didn’t fail me, I failed her. After becoming a mother myself, and some time adjusting, I finally realize now what it truly means to be selfless and to want the very best for someone, even if you don’t have the currency or means to give it to them. The major problem though is that we often don’t reflect on the life lessons taught to us by our parents. If we did, we would know our parents were trying from the start to show us just how connected we all are.


Don’t be afraid to show your humanity today and spread some kindness to the world. Every action we make has a reaction, and every action missed breaks a connection that could have been amazing. Just a look at this YouTube video about a Thai Commercial is an example of the life alterations simple acts of kindness can create, and believe in your heart that the connections you make are worth the effort.


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