Jews, Rocks, And… Superheroes?

So, I had struck out into the blogging world looking for ideas, words, phrases and such to create a new blog post to bring about entertainment and whimsy. To potentially discuss topics that needed discussing. To bring forth enlightenment and share wisdom with the world. Today I failed.


I had shared my blog post on my personal facebook page as well as my blog facebook page, because come on, I don’t want a bunch of crazies knowing every intricate detail about me, especially if you don’t ask for it. There comes a point where it’s a tad TMI (too much information), you know?


Anyhow, this is about how the exchange went. I’ve decided to simply share a portion of what went down on my page so you can see just how whacky and wild my mind works. Kind of like word association game! Let the excerpt begin!



*On my personal Facebook page*

Shay : Hit up my blog with a word or phrase you’d like to read my opinion about! Never know, could end up being pretty amazingly interesting to read.

Suze : anthropomorphism.. …………………hyperinflationary… ….acuity.. ..pasimonious…. Parsimonious…sorry i was laughing….saxicolous!

Shay : uhm… I don’t know what anthropomorphism, hyper-inflationary, acuity, or parsimonious, nor saxicolous means or what they are, or what they pertain to.. Guess to google definitions I go!

*Meanwhile in messenger land*

Shay : Hey


Suze : heya youself! lol

Shay : So whats with the 5 weird wonky words you gave me? I’m having a hard time finding definitions lmao

Suze : it’s george’s fault!

*Back on the page, again*

Suze : neither do I. poor george said them and had to spell em for me. lol

Shay : Well you tell George he better give me definitions or he is grounded lol

*Jumping back into messenger land, because that’s just how Suze and I roll*

Suze : he says parsimonious means selfish about money..cheapskate sort of person

the anthropowhatsits is when people say an animal has the qualities of humans like humor or anger….lol

saxicogous means you live under a rock………omg that’s funny!

he’s laughing too hard to tell me the others

acuity is good vision…like a person not like me who wears bifocals sort of person

*Meanwhile, as I’m reading these definitions, back onto the page*

Suze : he’s still laughing

*Finally finished reading the definitions in messenger, laughing*

Shay : lol so basically like someone who would be told they have eagle eyes

Suze : hyper-inflation is bread cost twenty bucks today and yesterday it was 40 cents….huh?

yep…thats acuity

i like the living under a rock one…..rofl

Shay : okay, so we have a jew, a furry, a Shay/Suze, a Superman, and… O_o the rise of cost?

Suze : there ya go……………..

Shay : wait wait sorry, sorry, we have a Steph, a NyanCat Furry, a Shay/Suze, a Superman, and … fuck I have no name for hyper-inflation


Suze : bread rising? lol

Shay : thats who I was trying to think of for Furry

Suze : omg

that is too funny

Shay : no no I mean like peoples names lmao

Suze : i am dying here

Shay : hahahaha

Suze : george is looking at me like i have lost my mnd

Shay : Tell him it is his own fault

he created this

Suze : omg………….i am crying……..and my sides are hurting

Shay : Now I have to make a joke blog about Steph, Catwoman, you and I, and superman discussing the rise of a loaf of bread

Suze : he said its our fault for listening to him! rofl

hey just use this chat that should work well

Shay : HAHAHAHAHA omg yes xD Steph might kill me, but it will be worth it lmao

Suze : do it

what can she do? send you a chicken?

Shay : ROFLMAO omg my sides are splitting

Suze : i know…i am dying!


So yea, now that I’m done choking on coffee and nearly dying of laughter, I thought I’d share this with you all and color code it for ease of reading so you know who said what. I’m just nice like that. 


6 thoughts on “Jews, Rocks, And… Superheroes?

  1. OMG It’s even funnier when you can read the whole chat and posts at the same time! I love this! oh who am I kidding? I adore YOU! yes you young lady! I adore that you make me laugh, and cry all at the same time cause my sides hurt so much from laughing!

    Liked by 1 person

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