With the little I own
And the much I care for
Nothing can stand in my way
The will I have
It is too great for that
The power in which I have within me
Compels me to move on and up
Noticing certain little things
That is how I truly am
Unstoppable are the actions I make
Possible are the thoughts I think
Unknown are my feelings of sorrow
Unseen are the tears
I withhold inside me
Though unpure as I stand before you
You only see
What is wrong with me
As I sit
Contemplating what to do
You just sit there
Laughing upon my stupidity
I lay there in a puddle of my blood
As you watch me die
Yet still you care not
Hours later you watch
As I am put into my grave
Yet you understand not
Why this happened
Days later
I begin to walk
In my ghostly figure
I decided to come to you once more
But only to say my goodbyes forever
For in my own deathly time
I have realized
I belong not in the land of the living nor the dead
My new home is meant to be forever in purgatory
So as I come to say the last goodbye
I see you as a single tear falls down your cheek
I whisper in your ear but a single simple sentence
I will always love you no matter what
As I say it
It is heard for miles
To those I care for
Then I disappear
Never to be heard or spoken of again


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