Lost Inside

Thinking of you
As all sit for dinner
I miss you terribly
Wish you were here
Waiting to go home
I wonder to myself
Is he thinking of me
Does he miss me
Sadly I wander aimlessly
With you on my mind
Missing you so badly
Tears stream down my face
While I lay on the bed
Trying to sleep
I hug my teddy bear close
And ignore all others
Restlessly I try to sleep
But with no such luck
Deep in the corners of my mind
I ask myself
Is he sleeping
Might he be dreaming of me
Quietly I lay there
Thinking of you
Through the night
Unable to sleep
I cry silently
To myself once more


9 thoughts on “Lost Inside

  1. I couldn’t help relating this poem to how I feel about the “loss” of my sister for so many years…except I have an elephant not a teddy bear..and thank goodness we have since reconnected. Lovely, touching, relatable and sad. thanks for sharing Shay.

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