My Dark King

My life darkened by a heart
Never to see the light of day
Nor pure happiness ever again
No not now or ever
I sit in the dark
Contemplating what to do
Suddenly what is it I do see
Shinning shimmering light in the distance
What is it
And why does it dare come
It shines so beautifully
Ever so elegantly
The vibrance of its beauty
The way it seems to float
Gliding across the floor towards me
It gets closer to me
Soon in realization
I see it is my own
My special Dark King
But yet with all your darkness
You sem so bright to me
You walk to me
Almost more like gliding
Gliding in the light
Soon you are next to me
I see where I am meant to be
Forever standing next to you
My Dark King
My ever so loving light
Does my Dark King know
How much I do dare care
I scream to both darkness and light
Of the love held true in my heart
And I proclaim my heart be given
Only to be owned by you
By my Dark King
To do with as you please


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