The Lovely Blog Award

I was shocked a couple days ago while surfing through my reader to find that I have been nominated for an award! Not just ANY award, but the One Lovely Blog Award! I was nominated by one of my stalkers/stalkiees, Nam H Nguyen! Nam was originally nominated by another talented blogger, Sagrikachugh. Shame too because I’d of nominated Nam for this award myself but instead was nominated BY Nam for the award. Shoot… That makes this award getting so difficult. 


Anywho, so yea, back on track. I was surfing my reader for recent content on my time to myself and saw that Nam nominated me and I got all giddy inside. I would’ve posted about this sooner, but being a stay at home mom I tend to stay pretty darn busy! Sorry for the delay!






Well, the first thing I’m supposed to do (I’m usually not good with rules, so I’m doing my best here. Give me a break) is thank Nam H Nguyen for the award. THANK YOU NAM! I love you too! 😀 


Okay, so now I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself… Uhm…

1.) I love veggies. I’m a veggie fanatic. My favorite is brussel sprouts!

2.) I love to cook food, especially meats. One of my favorite meats to make is pork chops because nom nom nom.

3.) I am unreligiously conservative. Like… Insanely so.

4.) I love the color black. Okay, it’s technically a non-color, but I still love black.

5.) I’m sort of kinda crazy, but I think you knew that already.

6.) I drink heavy amounts of coffee in order to keep up with my kids.

7.) I’m a smoker, but I do my best to always smoke outside so as to not subject my kids to the negatives of cigarettes.


Okay, so now I’m supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers for this award… Which is really hard for me because I don’t really get time to stalk too many people, but I will for sure nominate all those who I stalk religiously.


Suze : I stalk her often, and as I ought to, after all she is my biggie-me, as she so nicely put it once.

Greta : This woman writes and posts all kinds of inspirational blog posts, and is often a pleasure to read. 

Zora : I haven’t been stalking her for long, but I love her blog posts. They’re always filled with something beautiful.

Sprawly : This woman is kooky, brainy, and inspirational. She has survived, and overcame. I thoroughly enjoy reading her blogs. She is always taking some of the most gorgeous scenic photos, and I am dreadfully envious!

Mon : Another newbie in my list of stalkiees, but I’ve thus far thoroughly enjoyed reading and listening to her go on. She sure knows how to have a tangent!

Joy : A fellow mother, but with children probably about my age, who I find inspirational. I enjoy browsing her posts, as I usually find something insightful in them.

Lauren : I can’t even express my adoration for this womans blog, I linked a very specific story that made me absolutely fall in love with her blog and have since been stalking her.

randompenningofaconfusedmind : Another new stalkiee who I have been only following as of recent, but their posts make me grin and sometimes giggle. Definitely worth a peek!


That is all I can really think of right now o_o…. These are my most stalked people, that I enjoy reading. I know I follow more people, but they’re not very active and usually when I have the time to read their blogs, there aren’t any updates so I’m chalking it up to they’re just too busy or something. Either way, yup, these are my nominees. 😀 

7 thoughts on “The Lovely Blog Award

  1. Wow…….thank you so much Mini-me! dang. ya made me actually tear up on this one. The people that already have this award all write so beautifully,…they are WRITERS….like YOU. I am a babbler and figured I’d get the “please don’t make me snort co-cola out my nose” award or something. Thanks hun.

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    • Aww but you are a lovely blogger, and so inspirational. 🙂 you are one of few who I go to whenever I find myself in a situation I don’t think I can handle. Like… Its my mom, you, and Steph. You three make my core support group and I love you three so much.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much. The people on this list seem to be amazing writers. I only know Suze, but great to meet other bloggers! Shay you’re a great writer! I hope I will have some time to post about this award, my schedule seems not to allow time to breathe.

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