Making A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill

So after some pondering, and over an hour of staring blankly at the screen, I harassed my dearest mumsie for some assistance with how one might very well make a mountain out of a mole hill. This took some thinking, and when I finally gave up, my dearest mumsie gave me a great idea. On days, especially particularly stressful days, it is often the case of creating a mountain out of a mole hill when the kids are having a bad day, or just a bad moment. I admit, I am guilty of this. I know I shouldn’t, and I try not to, but it happens. 


Such an instance of mountaining mole hills actually occurred tonight. You see, I was trying to get the kids to go to bed tonight, we had had a very good day so far, and as we were getting ready to go into the bedroom, I remembered I needed to change my wee cuddle bugs bottom and try to get Marie to go potty again. As I was trying to change Celeste, my bean decided to instead of going potty, go into the room then out, then back in again, completely ignoring the fact that she had been told to go potty. I checked her, she was dry and didn’t have anything in her diaper so I shrugged and went about cleaning the baby bug as Marie fiddled with the bedroom door.


After I got Celeste cleaned and a fresh diaper on her, she immediately tried to go down the stairs. With Marie going one way and Celeste going the other, I started getting frustrated. I snapped, when I should have kept my cool. I didn’t smack the children, but I did raise my voice. This in turn resulted in them both crying, as they ran into their room and slammed the door shut. You see, my children don’t fear me hurting them physically, they fear hearing the dreaded words, “I’m disappointed in you.” which always brings tears to their eyes. The emotional torment of hearing those fated words seems to absolutely destroy them. I ended my nightly conversation with my mom at that point, and tried to calm them down so that I could read a night night story.


Not even ten seconds after finishing reading the night night story, Marie pipes up and says, “Butt change.” She could immediately sense the disappointment on my face, tears began streaming down her cheeks. As I picked her up, I immediately smelled the poo filled treasure trove diaper that awaited me. I sighed, I didn’t speak as I carried her out of the room to change her bottom. It hadn’t even been ten minutes since I’d told Marie to use the potty, and she could tell by how my face looked that I was definitely disappointed. The entire time I spent changing her bottom, she cried. She cried loud and she cried hard. 


So over all, tonight, both Marie and I made a mountain out of a mole hill. We both sort of over-reacted, but if I hadn’t I we wouldn’t of had a bad end to an otherwise perfect day.


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