Such A Simple Thing

A few days ago, my friend Suze, Angie, and I had a extensive video chat about racism and racist words. Also, other words that are used to be considered offensive. All three of us ran into a epic dilemma. There are so many words that once used to mean one thing that now mean something completely different and used to demean, degrade, and otherwise insult other people. I actually took the time to google a list of “racist terms” and was thoroughly surprised at the extensive list of words used to be targeted towards others of differing races. 


For instance, I can’t say things like, “I’m going to smoke a fag.” without someone thinking I’m going to hunt down and shoot a person who is homosexual. Seriously, I was just going for a cigarette and now I’m in a debate about the use of a word that has forever been known to mean a cigarette and being called a homophobe? Or the other day when I had called someone a nigger, meaning they were dim witted, or of a lower social status that may or may not’ve resulted in a lack of proper education. Simple words that once meant something completely different now pertains to people of sexual orientation, people of race, and from what I hear, there are even words that are religious slurs!


Seemingly regular words have, in todays society, been turned into something far more offensive than what they were ever intended to be. People who even just look or are Caucasian can’t say “I’m going to eat a cracker.” without someone going, “You’re a cannibal?!” and my first thought is, “Are you really that dumb?” Why is it we take such harmless or mildly offensive words and make them into such a big deal? I actually had a chat with one of my online gaming friends about this very issue. 

Shay : The way I see it is if the world can stop looking at everyone by the color of one’s skin, we can destroy racism at its roots. If we can stop seeing everyone as a specific gender, we can also stop homophobia, sexism, transphobia, and so much more.

Friend : That won’t ever happen. Society will always be like that.

Shay : That is where humanity is doomed.

I find it sad that racism is rampant even in todays society, even after all the strides we’ve made towards trying to create equality. I find it disappointing that what bathroom someone uses is even an issue because people think we have to police who can use what restroom based on the gender they’re born to. I am outraged at the lack of simplicity in our world, because in our world, little boys can’t dress up as Elsa for Disney Day, without being forced to change because they’re a “distraction”, even though it was Disney Day.


We are stripping our world of free thought, free speech, and free creativity. This is such a disappointment.


2 thoughts on “Such A Simple Thing

  1. exactly! I find myself stumbling over words at times depending upon the listeners…and that is a damned shame I have to think so bloody hard about what MAY offend someone instead of just expressing myself!

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