Unwarranted Negativity

Just me discussing some of the negative remarks I’ve gotten about being a stay at home mom. It can get very tiresome, and offensive sometimes.



4 thoughts on “Unwarranted Negativity

  1. It always amazes me to hear the comments thrown out at people that choose to stay at home with their small children..the “what do you do with all that free time” is the killer though. When I was at home with my two tiny kids, I NEVER had spare time for myself. There was laundry to do, clothes to put away, dishes to wash, dry and put up, stuff to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the house to clean and all those blasted toys to put away until they finally (at school age) learned to do it for themselves. It was 18 solid hours of watching them, teaching them, caring for them and everything else having to do with…well….LIFE, then crash and burn every night. I am amazed by stay at home moms or dads. they get my complete admiration. Their job is so much harder than dumping the kids off at day care then going to earn a paycheck. and so much more rewarding!

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    • Yea, when I get questions like what I described in the video, I’m just absolutely blown away by how ignorant they are. I mean, seriously, do they not realize young kids need constant supervision otherwise it is absolute chaos? When else am I going to have time to make food for the husband? My husband is constantly reminding me, “You have the hardest job in the world” which is so sweet.

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  2. Funny how times have changed. When I was growing up my mom was a stay at home type as were the moms of most of my friends. To have a job outside the home many thought you were ignoring your house and kids and hubby. Now if you are a stay at home type you are trying to kill off your hubby from all the work he has to do to support his family. Not sure why the big change but either way the woman is at fault if things aren’t done! lmao

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