Little To No Sense

I’ve been having a hard time understanding why it is that we as a populace have decided to, instead of celebrating differences, condemn others who don’t fit the societal norms of what is “acceptable”. It drives me mad just trying to understand what it is that makes people that are different such a threat to the rest of the world. I can’t even begin to fathom their thought pattern when it comes to people who are different. Trying to figure it out and understand just where they are coming from has been so difficult because their views are so narrow and uninformed. It is a shame that so many are cast out just because they aren’t the right skin color, sexual orientation, or religious sect.


I think what upsets me most is my lack of understanding in their decision making when it comes to dealing with people who aren’t “normal” according to their standard. What they do not realize though is that there is a flaw in their reasoning. There is no true “normal” because we are all unique in our own ways. Take for instance I am exceedingly moral, so much to the point I often get called Mormon or Amish, due to my high standards that most cannot come close to. Problem with that reasoning is I’m neither, because I am Atheist.Ā 


There are many people in the world that live their lives unfulfilled because they cannot be themselves for fear of persecution. First it was people of dark skin tone, because if someone said someone of dark skin color did something bad, all the whities in the area would go and beat that poor person to death or close to it. Not that long ago it was homosexuals, getting scoffed at and sneers from others with contemptuous glares. All the while people of different religions who agree to hate upon these poor souls are also tearing each other apart from the inside out.


The amount of malcontent that happens in our world is hard to understand. It makes no feasibly understandable sense, because their anger and their views are always distorted. It is as though they see through rose colored glasses that make humanity look nothing better than a bunch of monster’s congregating and plotting to destroy their holy books and temples.


News flash : no one that you’re afraid of wants to burn your world down around your shoulders. They just want to be accepted for who they are.

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