A New Challenger Arrives!


Okay, I’m making up my own challenge! I decided earlier today that I needed to make a challenge, and so I’ve come up with a great one! I was thinking of something to do that would be filled with purpose and happiness, and would last a while. You’re free to make your own posts in regards to this one, but please create a pingback to this one so others know the rules!


This is a twist on the Smile Challenge I did some while back. I know lately the news has been filled with a lot of sadness and sorrow, hardships and pain, heartbreak and broken families. What I want to do is focus on the positive, because honestly, all the negativity is really ruining my vibe! Now, I’m not saying toΒ ignore the negatives, of course not. Hundreds were affected by the crazy mad man at the Pulse nightclub. What I want to do is bring out some positives in the wake of this tragedy, because the world is a horrible dark place and sometimes we need to shine some sunshine on the rest of the world dangnabit!


Now onto what the actual challenge is! I want everyone to post at least once a day with something that you’re grateful for. Be it a passing moment that made you smile, the fact that you woke up, or a particular blog post you read today, make a post about it. With each post, there must be at least 3 things that you’re grateful for, yea, thats the kicker right? 3 things you’re grateful for, each day of a challenge. The part that really grabs you though is it’s a two week long challenge. Yup. You read that right. Two weeks, 14 days, with 3 things you’re grateful for each day. That’s a grand total of 42 things that you’re grateful for! Holy crab apples that’s a lot, right? I could’ve been mean and said more though, so keep that in mind! πŸ˜‰



1.) Post sincerely!

2.) Use Format : Grateful Challenge Day 1 (Or GCD 1), Grateful Challenge Day 2 (Or GCD 2), so on and so forth.

3.) Share your blog across all platforms you possibly can, get as many people involved as humanly possible. Share the love, people!

4.) Each post must be a minimum of 100 words! (Since it’s 3 things you’re grateful for, it shouldn’t be too hard!)

5.) This has got to be the most important rule of all, so pay close attention.



Okay, now get on with it everyone! This starts June 14th, and ends June 27th!

42 thoughts on “A New Challenger Arrives!

  1. 100 words? am I not OCD enough as it is now I have to count words? what if I can’t think of 100 words that all go together? some don’t ya know…some words just sound stupid when they are right next a different word…like chocolate bugs….see? they don’t go together. oh help!

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