Alarmed And Unarmed

As many have probably heard, or read by now through the mighty grapevine that is the amazing World Wide Web, there has yet again been an attack, this time claiming the lives of 50 individuals and wounding 50+ others. This has been seen as one of the greatest atrocities since 9/11, as so quoted on many news websites across the globe. Many people have asked as to the reason why the location, Pulse, a homosexual night club, was chosen. Some believe it was because those present were homosexual and some have even said it was out of hate for America in general, but there are others out there who say it was because Pulse is a gun-free zone. Word is blaring across the web that this was a terrorist attack on US soil, filled with homophobia and American hate. Here’s the thing.


I don’t care who did it, why they did it, what I care about are the 100+ lives that are forever altered, changed, and destroyed. All the victims of this horrid desecration of humanity have had their lives altered, and the lives of those who loved those whom died. It is beyond a tragedy, because in this day and age, we shouldn’t be like this. America’s Second Amendment Right, granted by the United States Constitution, states that the right to bare arms shall not be infringed. Many of the places we’ve seen mass shootings with high kill rates have been gun free zones and even Sage Dynamics in Florida along with the LBGTQ group Pink Pistols are both in consensus that these gun free zones are nothing more than free target practice for criminals, terrorists, and any other group that isn’t comprised of law abiding citizens. Due to the most recent heinous crime, people have been screaming “We need gun control!


There’s a problem with that statement. Gun control didn’t help a woman who was slain in her own driveway while awaiting a gun permit. Gun control didn’t stop the massacre in Paris, France, in which one cannot obtain one without valid and good reason, self defense not being considered an appropriate reason. So why is it everyone thinks that gun control is the answer? Those who perpetuate these attacks aren’t going to listen to your countries gun laws, let alone stop their murderous rampages. Law abiding citizens of every nation should be allowed to own at least a firearm, so long as they pass the necessary screening required. To tell ones citizens they cannot own their own firearms is to disallow a populace to defend themselves against tyranny, violence both domestic and foreign, and it leaves a country wide open to be taken over by those who would prefer to demolish a nation.


I am a proud gun owner, I am a mother, and most importantly, I am not a victim. I am both safe with my firearms, and educated in how to use, aim, and fire my firearms. You can take my guns once you pry them from my cold dead hands.


3 thoughts on “Alarmed And Unarmed

  1. I think people start screaming about gun control because they think criminals are breaking into people’s homes and stealing their guns…it’s the only rationale that makes sense, anyway. And it would have less than zero impact on the mass shootings we seem to have in this country. I personally hate the idea of a gun free zone…let’s just disarm law abiding citizens and have a shooting gallery. I know, I have argued both sides of the gun control issue (I do so love to argue) and making it more difficult to purchase a gun or get a gen permit isn’t going to change a criminal one little bit. They don’t follow the rules. They buy their weapons on the street, at flea markets and at yard sales..they steal them. they take them from other criminals. I simply don’t recall a single instance where a criminal tried to register a gun…….Yes, we need some better rules.there needs to be some sort of clearance of mental health issues…………there needs to be a safety class taken I would think, if one has kids at home…and each gun purchased should come with a gun safe. at the same time, NONE of the little things I have suggested is going to stop a criminal from shooting people…….they only provide the law-abiding with a sense of having done something.

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    • Sadly I don’t think there is a way to stop the criminally inclined from doing criminal acts – but often enough people have spoken of or read about instances in which someone was carrying a gun for self protection. An unarmed populace is an easily overthrown populace, in my eyes at least.

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