One Brick At A Time

Something I’ve been personally working on for some time. Been rebuilding who I am from who I once was, and I must admit, I find myself putting things that used to be important and at the forefront of my mind into the middle or the back. On the grand adventure that is rebuilding a Shay, I’ve come to realize, and perhaps a tad late on my part, that those who I choose to be around and associate with are up to me. It isn’t up to my mother, my husband, my husbands family, or my husbands friends or even my own friends. It’s up to me. If I want friends, I’ve got to seek them out, when I have the actual time to that is. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t really make for much time for … Well, anything outside cooking, cleaning, and chasing kiddos all day, really.Β 


I’m planning to fix that. That’s one of the aspects of my life I’m working to rebuild. I’ve decided that some time today, I’m going to come up with a challenge for the blogosphere, and any other group of people that would like to join me! I’ve also decided that I’m going to try very hard to follow the pediatricians orders and make my kids play solo for an hour every day. I don’t do it every day because I don’t like doing it… It makes me feel greedy and selfish, and I don’t like it because I don’t get to play with babies and hear them giggle. Now the doctor said I should have them play solo for one to two hours, but I think two hours is too long. We’re going to work slowly here and only do 1 hour a day, and if it doesn’t kill me, then I’ll call it a success.


One of the other things I’m doing to try rebuilding myself from my past into a better me is I am striving to cook more wholesome meals. A healthy happy you begins with a healthy happy body, according to doctors. I’ve already been working on that, as I make sure the kids and I eat vegetables, fruits, and meats daily with a small side of grain somewhere in there. My kids are little health nuts and love their fruits and veggies! Todays lunch we had carrots, apple slices, some hotdogs, and to top it off, some butter rounds (generic Ritz crackers, because I don’t like how much salt Ritz uses). With lunch we had cups of milk, then we brushed teeth, tried to potty, and now they’re down for nap time. I’ve got some of the cleaning for the day done, so I figured I’d pop on and write a little something about how I’m working to rebuild myself into the young lady my mom raised me to be.


Happy traveling everyone, and I’ll be hitting you all later with a new post or two! Let’s hope play time goes well. *crosses fingers*


17 thoughts on “One Brick At A Time

  1. 2 hours solo play? for THOSE babies? They will never do it…and how could you possibly stand it not knowing what they are doing, are they safe and secure or are they about to eat the rugs……well they wouldn’t but you know what I mean. Besides, wouldn’t that just feel like a punishment to them?

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  2. Rebuilding yourself is always slightly difficult…but I’m sure you’ll do just fine…I like your spirit :)… and I’m sure the kids will do well too… my experience with kids is limited to all the time ive spent with my nephew..but yeah its us grown ups who usually have trouble letting go :/

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