All Natural

I’m an odd bird who really just loves being surrounded by nature, and things of natural being. Probably makes me a total whackado but by George, I firmly believe that natural is the way to go! Now I’m not entirely sure where my love of nature and things of natural being come from, but what I do know is this : when you see someones beauty without having to look through a cloud of makeup, or fifty pounds of perfume, or so much hair dye that it’s impossible to tell what the original color was… That is true beauty.I love true beauty, and I wish I saw more of it around. One would think with all the animal rights activists and weirdos that the makeup industry would’ve been put out of business but apparently they found new ways of testing? I sure hope so, I’ve not seen anything from the weirdos who storm facilities and free wild animals for a few years.


You see, with a person of natural beauty, who loves their natural beauty and let it shine, they have the most pure and untainted natural skin. They also tend to have the most natural of conversational skills that can lead to lots of laughter. One of my favorite parts about people who go “all natural” is they tend to not filter themselves. A good healthy dose of just pure honesty is amazing, and so rarely received! So many people can’t seem to think for themselves so they’re filtered to the point you can’t tell if what they said was a statement, their own opinion, or something they were “conditioned” to say. Issue is that I crave brutal honesty, I thrive on it, because it is the right of any American and should be natural to say the truth. 


I know, I’m weird. It’s just part of who I am!


4 thoughts on “All Natural

  1. I’m with you on this one; I wear make-up about 3 or 4 times a year, on special occasions, and to such a light degree that people can’t tell that I’m wearing it. Not hating on anyone who choosing to wear it, I just love the natural look on people and think that people are beautiful without it. I also think the same about hair; I have very thick, wavy hair. I used to straighten it to within an inch of its life, but I decided a few years ago like I quite like the hippy/slightly-mad look.

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