This is the first post for my Grateful Challenge, Day 1. I had initially intended to post this sooner, but I’ve honestly had such an action packed day, I nearly forgot!


I’d like to start off today’s Grateful Challenge post with my mom, because if it weren’t for my mom I wouldn’t be here nor would I have half the intelligence and wisdom I have to this day. I know I mention my mom a lot, but I am really grateful for her, and the fact that she puts up with me calling her once a day every day, unless something major comes up.


The second on my Grateful list for today would be my darling husband for putting up with me and being able to understand me in ways I never thought humanly possible outside the insanity that is ones family. If there’s one thing my husband excells at magnificently, it’s having the ability to make me smile even if I really don’t want to.


Now the last for my Grateful Challenge is I’m grateful for my children. Yes, sometimes they drive me crazy, or make me want to rip my own hair out. Those times may seem to happen a lot in my mind when they are actively driving me bat shit, but I know it’s just the mind stressing and over-selling a situation. The great times I have with my kids are by far the best, and I wouldn’t want to imagine my life without them.


Sorry for so late with the post, I was super killer busy with housework and making a new treat. I’ll tell you more details tomorrow! I sort of maybe didn’t put the kids in their room to play for an hour like I said I was going to try to do, but I promise, I’ll do better tomorrow. 


6 thoughts on “GCD 1

  1. if you hadn’t posted this i would have forgotten today was the day to post a thing about your post thing…so thanks for writing today so i knew it was today instead of some other day to write stuff. roflmao

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