I’m grateful for a lot today, I’ll try to keep it simple for the Grateful Challenge. Trying to make it sweet and narrow it down to the top three things I’m most grateful for!


Today I am grateful for my awesome friend Suze, who, without her I doubt I’d have as much laughter in my life. She helps me think and I help her make her blog different! We sorta work together like two peas in a pod, only, without being veggies.


I am so grateful for cereal breakfasts! They are like my life line when I can’t get the kids up at a decent time in the morning and make it for a quick fix for breakfasts on the run. Honestly, without cereal in the morning, I doubt I’d of managed to get the kitchen clean and feed the kids while having a moment to go smoke a cigarette while drinking my first cup of coffee in the morning.


The last thing I’m putting on this list is I’m thankful for being a stay at home mom. It has been such a rewarding experience and today was just one of many examples of just how amazing it can be. My eldest daughter, who is working on learning to use the potty, actually told me on our way up the stairs to her room that she needed to potty like a big girl. She actually went too, and her diaper was clean! Then she surprised me even more by helping mommy to read night night stories to baby sissy which just made my day a freaking ray of perpetual adorable sunshine. 


I know it’s way beyond 100 words, in fact it’s more than double, but I really wanted to tell the world about just how gosh darn grateful I am today!


2 thoughts on “GCD 2

  1. ya know…i sort of went back and read the rules (yes I KNOW…the world shall now explode!) and you said “at least 100 words”…so either a few over or a few under should be sort of okay I would imagine…maybe…in a perfect world…where I make all the rules. Shupping now. 😀

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