Fickle Little Things

Okay, so, I had an idea some while back to write a blog about morals, because morals are very important to me and I’ve often been told my morals are so crazily intense that I would make the Amish blush in embarrassment. Now I’m not necessarily going to go too indepth into what my personal morals are, because I rather 1.) Not offend everyone in the whole known world, and 2.) deal with all the “what a prude” backlash.


Instead this is all about how a vast majority of Christian’s and other Religious folks I’ve met seem to think that Atheists are amoral or disreputable. Those who know me, who have heard me go off on tangents about other peoples lack of morality, have prior to getting to know me better often asked what religious faith I followed. Sometimes I’ve even been told I reminded them of extreme conservative Amish folk, because my morals are so high standing that it makes most Mormons, Christians, and the likes look like abhorrent sinners, destined to burn for eternity.


Such an incident actually occurred not that long ago when two “followers of Christ” came knocking upon my door as I’d been sitting outside leisurely smoking a cigarette after getting the kids seated and food placed on their trays for dinner. One of the gentlemen had been polite, respectful, and was just asking some generalized probing questions about my lack of faith, but not in any way disrespectful or antagonistic way. He was rather courteous and I was quite comfortable talking with him, until his partner showed up. His little partner actually made the insinuation that I would, if I ever met him, give God the finger. Now, even as a person who doesn’t believe in God, if I was confronted by someone or some entity that would be denoting of being called God, I would not simply flip him the bird if in fact God were a he. God might be androgynous! Who really knows? After all, according to the bible, all his children (mankind) are made in his image, right?


What really sold me on disliking this new fellow was when I was describing how my Grandmother had been a staunch believer in God, but had been in pain the last portions of her life. Even when she had supposedly been passed on, she was in pain. I remember seeing her when I was just a child as a vision, even though I’d never met her, and knew from what I’d been told that she had been a extreme believer in the word of God and followed it to a T. This man had the gall to make the claim that she, a staunch believer in the word of the bible and of God, was in hell. A woman who prayed more than anyone thought remotely appropriate, who gave endlessly not just of wealth but of heart and time, was in hell.


The absurdity of the claim was baffling, and promptly ended my cordial attitude towards him and, as they parted, I had gruffly rejected his handshake. Even worse was that he had the bolas to write his number on the back of a pamphlet, saying to call if I have any questions. Hmph, fat chance in hell.


The lack of couth in his approach showed me all I needed to know about his church, his religion, and everything else that had to do with him as a person. Even the gentleman he was accompanied by was taken aback by his vindictiveness towards me. As they were departing, the nicer one leaned in and actually apologized for his unseemly crude and ruthlessness towards trying to get me to see the light so to speak. 
The very fact that someone could look at another and immediately think horrible things about them speaks volumes of their supposed following of God, as God says in his own bible to love and cherish each other, respect one another, as we all are supposedly children of Christ. To act as though a person of Atheist belief, or lack there of, would be cruel or crude to an unknown being without grounds is in and of itself an Ungodly act.


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