One Mind To Conquer All

I’ve been told that I’m very open-minded, even when a topic of discussion comes up that I disagree with the original statement, I’m willing to listen to the other persons point of view before addressing my own. Sometimes though, I have to state my standpoint first in order for them to get them out of their shell to tell me their view-point. The lack of open-mindedness in this world, I firmly think, is apart of why we are constantly having so many conflicts. A lack of being able to accept what others say, regardless of how the viewpoint is put across, leads us to not be able to understand one another. This both angers and confuses me, as there is no logic behind the worlds lack of communication skills. I’m not saying that we should all think alike, but at least have the willingness to hear the opposition out before you create a firm standpoint against them.


A prime example would be homosexuality. People run around screaming that men and women choose to be homosexual. This is incorrect. How do I know? My Uncle who passed away, we had an ongoing joke about how he was so gay he made the rainbow look dull in comparison. Now, my Uncle himself told me, and found out from my mom at least part of it had been true, but my Uncle had tried to settle down and have a family. He actually succeeded in having a child but he always found himself wanting. It wasn’t a thing he wanted to do, it wasn’t necessarily a thing he just woke up one day and decided he was going to do. He was attracted to men, and no amount of “straight conditioning” was going to change that. I remember shortly before I lost contact with him and was told he had passed, he would tell me about his childhood in which he would get called “faggot” and other sundry words. He didn’t choose to be attracted to people of the male gender, yet he was abused and slandered for it. 


If the world could just open their eyes to situations and become more aware of the choices they’re making when targeting individuals, make an informed inquiry into the subject before launching head first into it, I think the world could be a better place. Creating understanding could very well go a lot farther than simply throwing some bombs at a country, or sending in foot soldiers to die in the name of ‘Murika… Wow I can’t believe I managed to make myself type that. Either way, you get my point. Instead of spreading hate, let us all try to spread understanding. I know certain groups it’s nearly impossible like anyone who is an extremist of any religion, but seriously. We could all benifit from sharing words of wisdom instead of spraying masses of people with bullets.


3 thoughts on “One Mind To Conquer All

  1. whenever you throw religion into the mix people will refuse to listen. It is almost as if once they open their ears they are somehow denying their “faith”…which is totally absurd.

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