Once again I have so much to be grateful for today for my Grateful Challenge, Day 4! I’ll try to get them all categorized and sub-categorized so I can post about ALL of the things I’m grateful for!



Today I am grateful for my senses! Without my 5 senses, I wouldn’t be able to see my beautiful girls play, and I wouldn’t be able to hear them laugh. Thanks to my five senses, I can feel the tickles of babies blowing on a mama belly, and scarily enough smell the scent of my nostril’s doom! Finally, without these amazing 5 senses, being force-fed by gorgeous babies wouldn’t be as much fun if I couldn’t taste.


I am so very grateful for good choices. My children wanted a snack, and instead of asking for cakes, candies, sodas, or any of that nonsense, they wanted apples. I am grateful for the wisdom of my mother who taught me that good choices include fresh delicious fruit and vegetables.


Lastly, but most definitely not least, I am grateful for the time to take a walk. My husband so lovingly took time out of his day to let me de-stress from the new schedule and woke up early today so I could go for a walk to the store to get some things we needed, instead of opting to do it on his way home from work. The fresh air, the music blasting in my ears, the sun shining down on me, I’m grateful for it all!!


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