So Terrified

I grew up in a couple of small towns, and it wasn’t until I lived in Lexington KY that I knew what it was like to live in a city. Not only was it a city, but it was a BIG city. A terrifying city. When I first moved to Lexington, it was a street right next to Nicholasville RD. It was a place of high crime, high danger, and never-ending traffic that only got worse with the holidays. For those that don’t know, Nicholasville RD is where they have the big giant ridiculous mall that makes me think being a consumer is a bad thing. When the holidays would roll around, using Nicholasville RD was at your own peril and only if you had nothing else you had to do that day.


After I had moved in with my husband, I found myself on the outer edge of Lexington, faraway from all the chaos and absolute traffic and accident hell. I became more relaxed and happy with my surroundings. I felt a sense of freedom and relief that I didn’t think possible, especially after having lived in the worst part of Lexington. We lived so far from the heart of Lexington that if we drove behind where we lived, we hit a road that would take us directly to the town we live in now!


Sadly after my eldest daughter had been born, shortly after we found out my youngest daughter was in her way, we got evicted for being over occupancy. We were forced to move in with our in-laws, which led to high tempers, terrible living location again, and quarreling over parenting techniques and many misunderstandings. The traffic was horrific, getting into the driveway was nearly impossible, only 1 bathroom with 6 adults at any given time in the house. It was absolute insanity. Often times we had to park the car on an off street of where we lived, because there was no other way to safely leave the house.


After a lot of searching and extreme diligence, we finally found a place to move to that suited our family, was fairly priced and got within our budget. Once again we were moving, but this time, to a place that would be uniquely ours and would make us happy for years to come. We have lived in this quaint little town for about a year now, and there is no way I would ever return to living in a city. There are far less ambulances, firetrucks, or cop cars running after accidents because there simply aren’t nearly as many. 


2 thoughts on “So Terrified

  1. i lived in Chicago for two years, los Angeles for three..and the suburbs of DC for 16…………then I have also lived in Orlando for two years, houston for two, Nashville for four..el paso and austin for ten………I lived in the city, the country, the suburbs….and have to say I like the country best for safety but it sucks for having friends over…the city was great for everything except traffic and crime……..but those suburbs..lordie I hated them. Once you find a place that makes you happy, hang on to it.

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