Today has been a day of perfection, so far at least! So I figured I would combine the Grateful Challenge and today’s Daily Prompt!


Today I am grateful for waking up early, because today we got to have the perfect breakfast. Blueberry pancakes! So delicious, and my girls just absolutely devoured them like candy.


I am so grateful for educational television, because educational cartoons are created specifically for the purpose of teaching young minds some very important lessons. It also gives mommy the time needed to do necessary cleaning while they watch their show happily.


The last thing on my grateful list for today is tooth brushes! Strange right? Without tooth brushes though, my beautiful babies wouldn’t have such gorgeous bright white sparkling teeth. It definitely helps to enhance the quality of their precious and room brightening smiles! They also help get rid of that pesky icky morning breath! Haha


So as you might be able to tell, we have had a fabulously amazing and perfection filled day filled with gratefulness!


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