A Fair Day

Wandering round, looking at his surroundings, he noticed he was lost. He muttered to himself as he turned around, wondering just how long he had been aimlessly walking about. Charlie furrowed his brows as he scratched the side of his head, tilting it in a look of bewilderment.

Mumbling about something or other, he nearly bumped into Janielle as he turned back about, letting out a startled, “Oomph” as he stopped short of colliding with her. “A thousand pardons Mrs. Laikos, I seem to of gotten all sorts of turned around.

She smiled, her soft delicate face becoming almost a beacon of vibrance as she looked up at him, lifting a hand to her forehead to shield her eyes from the sun, “Tis quite all right, Mr. Gablou. Quite all right indeed. What has brought you here, sir?

Charlie turned flushed in his cheeks, which for a man of his tall standing and broad nature was unusual, but he couldn’t help himself but be bashful in front of Mrs. Laikos, “I seem to of gotten lost from my aimless wanderings, ma’am.” He looked down into her perfectly symmetrical and smooth face, finding himself lost within her emerald eyes.

He became so entranced that he almost didn’t catch what she said, “Well now, sir, the lodge did warn you about getting lost around here, didn’t they?” she waited patiently, the sun beating down on her pale olive skin, the only blemishes being the freckles that speckled her nose and cheeks. “Ehem, Mr. Gablou?” Janielle raised a brow, waiting for his response.

Sorry ma’am, it must be all this heat, it is doing all kinds of sundry things to my brain as of late. Yes, Madam Bailey did warn me not to wander. I owe her an apology for not listening.

She smiled warmly up at him, “Well, sir, if you would like I could perhaps call you a carriage? Or would you like for me to escort you back to your lodging, Mr. Gablou?

Charlie could feel his face flushing a more prominent pink, he shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he lowered his gaze to the ground, “I don’t want to be any trouble, Ma’am.

Janielle let out a soft airy laugh, the smile on her face only becoming broader, “Mr. Gablou, I was about to go down to see Madam Bailey, it is no trouble at all. I would be delighted of the company.” She outstretched the crook of her arm to him, an invitation which he gladly accepted. Linking arms, with his hand resting atop her delicate lace covered hand, as his other hand held her delicate digits in its palm, he realized she was a lady and ought not be forced to carry her own parasol when in the company of a man, “It would be my pleasure if you would allow me to hold your parasol for you, Mrs. Laikos.” She obliged, handing him the bamboo handle, delicately holding it above her in his right hand as his left arm remained intertwined with her delicate arm.

It didn’t take long for them to reach their destination, an irritable young stout lady standing on the stoop of the inn. The amount of irritation in her voice as she spoke could have been used to cut through frozen butter, “Where have you been, young man?! You better not have been bothering Mrs. Laikos! I’ll not hear of it.” As Madam Bailey turned to face Janielle, her expression softed, “Welcome dear, come on in. You’re just in time for tea. It just finished warming before I stepped out.” She quickly disappeared inside, with Charlie and Janielle following quickly behind, both laughing nervously. He helped her with her shawl and handed the shawl and her parasol to the help, then quietly followed Janielle.

He could hear them talking about him as he stepped into the room, “He is such a sweet man, you give him too much grief, Madam Bailey. He is a most courteous and well mannered, I found myself indeed quite surprised.

The stout woman gawffed, “He may be sweet and kind, he may show you manners, but you keep in mind he is a man and a man is to do what a man is to do.

Charlie frowned, causing faint wrinkling on his pale fair skin, “Now, Madam Bailey, I mean you no disrespect but I am not going to stand idly by as you try to claim me to be as any other man. Just because I am here to visit your country, there be no reason to assume I am out and about to sow my wild oats so to speak. I’ve been respectful and generous with my payments, but if you can’t turn in kind, perhaps I will find another establishment to stay in while I am here.

Janielle and Madam Bailey began to giggle, Janielle having to cover her face with her lace glove covered hands as she begun to get out of control.

Madam Bailey spoke, her voice high off and sounding offended, “I didn’t mean anything like that, Mr. Gablou, no nothing like that.

Mrs. Laikos managed to pause her giggles long enough to voice her agreement with the establishments owner, “No, not at all, Sir.

Confused now, and quite embarrassed, he furrowed his brow and questioned, “Well, then to what were you referring?

Both women were now overcome with fits of the giggles that neither could speak. The maid serving the tea piped up, “May I?” and Madam Bailey managed a nod through her giggles, “Sir, the Ladies were talking of your aimless wanderings, Sir. It is why Madam Bailey warned you not to get lost, Sir.


I know this is longer than my usual post, but I thought it would be fun to write something from a different perspective, and incorporate the Daily Prompt while I was at it! Hope you manage to trek through all the words, and most importantly, enjoy it!


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