Father Of My Girls

I wanted to do two fathers day posts, because I’ve got two very important Father-type people in my life. My husband, the father of my girls, and the man who swept me off my feet. I bring him up every now and again, and those who’ve been reading dutifully would recall the scare we had with kidney stones and the trouble that ensued. Even though all his pain, all the misery of what happened, he still did his best to be a wonderful father. My husband always manages to surprise me with just how amazing he can truly be when it comes to being a father to our children.


Often enough, I see and hear about mothers wishing the father of their children were more active in their children’s lives. That is not my problem, if anything, my husband has been fighting for over a year now just to get to day shift so that he could be around more for our daughters and myself. He works darn hard to provide for our family, and he does it with little to no griping, complaining, aside from wishing to have more time with his family. That right there is a damn good father, who puts himself after his family. 


My girls love their daddy so much, and since they’re too little to make him a custom fathers day card, I figured I would write this so that he can see through mine and the children’s eyes just how much we love and appreciate him.


Every day when Daddy comes down the stairs, he is greeted with beautiful smiles and delighted squeals of “DaDa! DaDa! Daddy!” Amidst the pain from the night of hard work before, he pushes onward and ignores the pain to enjoy a few moments he can get to play Baby Toss, or blowing on baby bellies which is always greeted with squealing giggles of glee. Romping children abound when dearest daddy is around, throwing loving arms around his sore and tired neck in warm snuggly love filled hugs.


If ever there was a man to be celebrated on Fathers Day, it would be my darling husband. So here’s to the best father in the world, who couldn’t be better if I created him from clay.


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