Happy Fathers Day, Mom

I was raised by a single woman, who I’ve often mentioned in my blogs. My mother was literally mother and father figure, as well as an amazing role model. I know fathers day is supposed to be the day that we immortalize our father figures, and usually they have a penis attached to them, but my father figure, well… My father figure was my mother. She had the hardest job of all, bringing home the bacon and raising my sister and I.


So I wanted to write something special for my mom, because she truly did have the most complicated job in all the world.


You worked so hard

You took so little

You cared so much

And cried so few

You took care of me

You raised me

You loved me

When no one else could

You cherished me

You chastised me

You punished me

You pampered me

You are the greatest mom

The most amazing father

You’ll always be

My role model

You were fair

You passed your judgement

You held my hand

As you gave me your heart

I only wish

We didn’t live so far apart

You’re always going to be

A special part of me


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