Welcome to Day 6 of the Grateful Challenge. There are far too many things to list so I will condense it down a bit.


Today I am grateful for my Marie Bean, whose pitiful cries for a nap turned into sleepy sweet requests for special mommy cuddles. The cuddles were ended with pleas for more night night kisses. She really knows how to melt a mommies heart. Not long after, both girls were blissfully asleep and dreaming. Nap time lead to me having some relaxing time for myself, which gave me time to write a bit for my blog.


Today I am thankful for the sweetness that my husband exhibits, which was shown today in his generosity in letting me take a nap and look after the kids for me even though it is fathers day. Without that nao, I’m not sure I would be awake and pleasant right now. Somehow he always goes a step up and beyond what I expect of him. He even did the laundry and got some shopping done!


The final thing on my grateful list today is I am grateful for Lowe’s paint match department and their superbly low prices. My girls have been troublesome in the fact that they have peeled paint from their bedroom wall and their closet, which are two different colors of paint. Lowe’s matched the paint chips and got us gallon of each for only $40 together and they had the L brackets I wanted that went with my shelves! So in total my husband only spent $50 at Lowe’s for paint and L brackets! What a steal of a deal!


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