A Fair Day PT 2

Looking confused, but yet relieved, Charlie then nodded lowering his head. He then looked up at Madam Bailey and said, “I am sorry for the misunderstanding Madam Bailey. It was not my intention to eavesdrop on your conversation. My sincerest apologies.” He bowed his head, turned and left the room.

Madam Bailey and Janielle caught themselves, recovering from the fits of laughter that had overcome them. They looked at one another, bewildered at his response. Madam Bailey then shooed Mrs. Laikos off, mouthing quietly like a whisper, “Go after him, please.” She nodded and departed quickly, gathering her belongings from the maid. 

She ran down the hall, then down the steps and just as she was rounding the corner, her parasol held out in front of her as she was trying to put her shawl back on. Suddenly, WHAM! She collided with a very down trodden looking Charlie. The two tumbled to the ground, landing in the dirt of the road. Surprise overtook Mr. Gablou’s face as he saw Mrs. Laikos on top of him, her parasol firmly pressed against his chest, almost as though she’d tried to spear him with it. Janielle’s face turned from upset to shock and horror as she tried to get up, having found that she was leaning against him with the end of her parasol between her bosom and the other end pressed firmly, and she could only assume, painfully pressed against his chest.

Charlie grabbed the nub end of the parasol and moved it with little effort, but soon discovered there was a dab of blood on his shirt. With his other hand, he gently grabbed Mrs. Laikos at the waist and gave a gentle push so that she was properly righted and began to get up himself. Dusting the dirt off his suit, he frowned faintly, looking at Janielle. His displeasure at being struck in the chest quite apparent, she suddenly looked at the ground, mumbling an apology to him.

If so upset of the situation of my ill behavior, you could have simply said so instead of attacking me, Mrs. Laikos. There was no need to accost me like this.” He moved behind her and knelt to dust the dress off for her, as it had gotten quite a good deal of dust from the kick up of their fall. 

That was not at all my intent, Mr. Gablou, and I am most sincerely sorry for having struck you. Please, accept my deepest apologies.” Her face was flushed, embarrassment covering her delicate features. “I came running to find you to apologize to you for our behavior. We meant nothing ill of it, truly.”

He paused as he finished dusting off the base of her dress and stood, coming round and staring into her face to try and discern whether what she said was true. Finally after a moment he nodded, “It is I who owes the apology. I was eavesdropping when I shouldn’t of, and was brash without asking questions.

Janielle noticed the spot of blood now turning into a blotch on his shirt and gasped, “I’ve wounded you, Mr. Gablou! Please, come with me out of this summer heat and let me fetch a maid to help clean you up.” Her bright green eyes shimmering in the sun as they started to well with tears.

Charlie looked down and saw, indeed the tiny spot of blood was now beginning to drench his undershirt and his button down. He sighed lightly, then finally nodded. Reaching into his chest pocket, he grabbed a handkerchief and handed it to her, “You ought not let such a tiny thing cause you such misery as to dare make you cry, Mrs. Laikos. You’re too fair and fine a lady for such theatrics.

Nodding, she dabbed her eyes lightly and offered it back to him, trying her best to put a smile on her face. “I will keep that in mind, Mr. Gablou. Shall we head back inside then, so that we might get you patched up?

He shook his head, refusing the return of the handkerchief, “I want you to keep it.” He smiled lightly, “A token of our encounter and to remember that a lady hasn’t need for such trivialities as apologizing to someone when they’ve done wrong.” Charlie offered his arm to her as he faced back in the direction of the lodge.

She accepted the arm, looping hers around his. Janielle tucked the hanky in her clutch and they headed back inside. As they approached the steps, there once more stood the owner of the establishment. This time, though, the look on her face was that of sorrow. The moment Madam Bailey noticed the blood, she let out a startled cry and dashed down the steps while calling for one of the help. Seconds later a butler and maid appeared, as Madam Bailey and Janielle were escorting Mr. Gablou into the foyer.

The butler saw immediately why they’d been summoned and began barking orders at the maid, “Go forth and fetch a bowl with warm water, some salve, and some clean linen strips. Go on now, go!

The maid scurried off to the kitchen, a frightened look on her face as she turned about. The butler gave a faint bow to the ladies and greeted the gentleman, “Let us get you to the sitting room, the maid will be with us shortly so that we might get that taken care of.” He led them to a room with tall backed leather arm chairs, a single large mahogany table in the middle with an ashtray and a lamp sitting on it. 


Sorry for the long post again, but it just really went with the other days prompt which you can find the original post here.


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