GCD 7 & 8


I will be combining days 7 and 8 of the Grateful Challenge, in part to the fact that they both have a lot to do with one another and I took a day off for me yesterday.


I am grateful for my husband’s parents, who came over to do two things. They came to help with fixing up the kids’ bedroom which they’ve been working tirelessly to destroy, and to also take the kids for the night so mommy could get some much needed alone time to relax and not think for one night.


I am grateful for my husband having realized and acted when I felt like I was losing my gosh darn bloody mind, without him knowing me as well as he does, I doubt I would have gotten such a restful nights sleep. He truly is my yin to my yang.


I am ever so grateful for pizza hut, of which was suggested by my loving husband and was a mere afterthought in my mind until he brought it up. Saved me from standing on my feet for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to make twice baked spaghetti, and to top it off, the pizza was delicious! (I had a bacon stuffed crust pizza with garlic Parmesan sauce, with grilled chicken and extra cheese. Super delicious, and only $14!)


I am grateful for my kids grandparents’ understanding of the fact that when they arrived, I was literally just hoping out of bed and had slapped on yesterdays clothes in order to answer the door before they knocked. They helped me out with the kids and even allowed me a short reprieve so I could have a cup of coffee and my first cigarette of the day before losing my mind.


I am grateful for the abilities that technology gives us. While my kids were away, grandma and grandpa had them playing in the pool and having oodles of fun. Thanks to todays advancements in technology, I was able to receive pictures of the kids playing in the pool and see their delightedly happy little faces from my sister-in-law. It put my mind at ease, and helped me drift off to sleep.


Finally, the last thing I’m grateful for today was the ability to sleep in a couple hours later than usual. Granted I’m still semi-groggy and it’s past noon, I can already feel the cogs and wheels functioning in my brain. Honestly, that extra sleep and the fact that I fell asleep cuddled to my big girls fluffy pink dog and my lil buggies wuvvy…. I think I woke up feeling ten million times better.


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