GCD 11


I’m sort of sad to think that after today, there are only 3 days left in the Grateful Challenge. That is fine though, I can always do another challenge later on! Well, I guess onto the things I’m grateful for today.


  • Closets : Last night was absolutely terrifying. I was literally horrified because the storm alerts were going off and I had notifications that there was a tornado that’d touched down not too far off from where I live. I think I handled it pretty well. 
  • Non-Perishable Snacks and Quick Fix Meals : In my preparedness, I brought with me some snacks to keep the kids occupied if they got hungry, depending how long the blasted weather remained horrific. Tried to be top notch on preparedness and now I’m convinced I need a bunker/bomb shelter/severe weather shelter fully stocked with at least two weeks worth of non-perishable and or easy to open canned goods, a few dozen sets of plastic silverware, enough clean water and disposable wipes to ensure we can at least clean ourselves and hydrate ourselves for a minimum of two weeks. Yup, full blown Cheeki-Breeki over here!

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  • Music : After everything I’ve been through, the last thing I’m grateful for today is music. It gives me the ability to clear my head, stop thinking, and just enjoy a moment or two to myself. It is amazing.

2 thoughts on “GCD 11

  1. i have a lovely hallway that I created just for storms. I already have a water supply, food supply, tp and a bucket, pillows and a few blankets in there. poor George thinks it is cute, but I am gonna be prepared should an f5 show up down the street! lol

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