I Hate Politics

I’m going to get right out there and say it – I fucking hate politics. It makes people into savages and can make once friends into absolute enemies. Absolute strangers become mortal enemies. It turns an otherwise civilized group of people into mind raving lunatics.

This election is no different.

We have the choices of Hillary, who is apparently under investigation and still married to the man who had relations with a woman who wasn’t his wife. If my husband did that I would have either killed him or divorced him and made him pay for the rest of his life. She also was for the TTP until suddenly it didn’t suit her platform and changed her mind to “cannot support under the current guide lines” which just sounds fishy to me.

Then we have Donald who wants to basically deport all illegal immigrants and build a great big giant wall. Cool sounding, right? Except for the fact that it’s practically impossible to know if what he says is really what he means because he has been backpedaling so much during his whole campaign that it drives a sane person mad trying to figure out just exactly where he stands, the damn shitstain buffoon.

Both campaigners have lied, changed their minds, and been wishy washy over the whole damn thing.

There are also two candidates, one of which who dropped out of the race due to lack of funding because only the big shots get to run in the race and see face time. Rand Paul and Gary Johnson are both very viable candidates who have had either little or no press coverage period. Gary Johnson was the Governor for New Mexico from 1995 until 2003 and did an amazing job. Rand Paul has been United States Senator for Kentucky since 2011 and also has been doing a fabulous job.

So how is it with two scumbags and two great guys vying for the presidential seat, only the backpedaling, lying, empty promise filled Nimrod actually have a chance at the nomination?

For the USA to be filled with freedom loving and intelligent people, we sure have been allowing this presidential campaign to completely and utterly destroy us as a populace. I am so deeply disappointed in the fact that we have allowed a liar and a traitor become our primarily electives. We should be banding together and voting for someone who not only promises change but has demonstrated change.


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