GCD 12


Welcome to day twelve of the Grateful Challenge, started here at Sunken Thought by yours truly, the master of insanity. I’d like to throw a thank you out to my friend Suze who has joined me on this Grateful Journey!


Today’s list of things I’m grateful for!


  • My husbands job : My husband works for Toyota Motor Manufacturing, and honestly they’ve got to be the best place to work in all the world. Or at least in the top 5. There was an incident that blocked off the main road yesterday, which made it so my husband literally couldn’t get into work at all, period. Now those that recall, he had a big league of absence from work not that long ago, thankfully it was covered by the company and the third party insurance that covers workmans comp, so he still got paid and it didn’t take his vacation or sick days! So he was able to call in yesterday which turned out to be eventful!
  • Off Broadway Shoes : I’m not a big clothing/shoe buying kind of person, but by George, when you need a decent pair of shoes, it sure is nice to know there are places to go to get a good versatile pair that’ll last you a while! In our adventures yesterday, we found out that the kiddo we kidnapped from the in-laws place last night did not have any decent shoes to go with her skirt she was wearing. I was very disappointed at her absolute lack of coordination, as she was wearing the most ridiculous looking pair of thong-flip flops I’d ever seen. They reminded me of cotton candy, and not in a good way. End result? She ended up getting a much needed pair of classy flats with a tiny wedge heel.
  • Sun Set : I don’t know why, but the world just looks so beautiful during sunrise and sunset. There’s just something about sitting on the porch step watching the sky change as the sun begins to wake for the day, or being in the car watching as the sun goes to sleep for the night. It is mystically beautiful, and so often I’ve wished I could capture a good picture of it. Truly, it is a magical sight. 

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