I’m Lost!

So yea, I’ve been looking at yesterday and today’s word prompts and… All I can think of is … Man am I ever freakin’ lost. I’ve never been on a voyage, and to be quite frank, I don’t believe in any “prophecy“. The very idea that anyones destiny is pre-destined, that it’s already been written… Well gosh darnit, that is what BOOKS are for. Characters within books have no destiny outside what the author dictates, so technically the author makes a, unknown to the readers, prophecy about how the character’s life is going to end, or how it will change. As to a voyage… I’ve no clue if I even know anyone that’s ever been on a voyage, let alone gone on one myself. I mean, really! Where in the world would I be going? I’ve got two kids, a husband, and a life. Where in the heck am I going off on a voyage to? Absolutely no where. 


The fact that the past two days’ prompts were about as point on as a bullseye that’s never been hit is frustrating for me because I really enjoy writing, but it’s kind of killing my mood to write. Kind of why I haven’t written A Fair Day PT 6 & 7. I just am finding a lack of luster, and the daily prompt was actually for a while helping me build the story in my head before I wrote it down too. I’m kind of sad and dismayed by this. Think tomorrow I might write part 6, but… I’m kind of up in the air about it right now. Feeling a little uninspired, really. Not to mention I’ve had very little feed back, but so many read it, just making me even less inspired.


10 thoughts on “I’m Lost!

  1. the daily prompts have been leaving me in the same spot..with not a damned thing to say about them. Try not to become discouraged about your serial writing..it is really good and I personally know 3 people now reading it. Yes, poor George has actually started reading it too. I too love to get comments and so rarely do from all of those supposedly reading my stuff. I can only assume that either 1. they have nothing to say, or 2. I have so impressed them that they have lost their power of speech (doesn’t really work with a typed answer but I am hanging on to the thought anyway)

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    • Hard not to be discouraged, my serial writing originated from this past Mondays word prompt! Lol the only time I ever don’t post on your stuff is when I literally have nothing other than agreeances with what you’ve written so… But like it said I had around 30-40 reading the story but only… 3 people have made a comment? Kind of makes me sad, especially after I specifically made it so anyone could comment with or without a WP account. Was hoping it would open the door to some real active feed back about what I write but instead my feedback is you and my mom. Not that I don’t enjoy reading you and my mom’s comments, just would like to know what other people, outside two people I tend to talk to quite regularly, think about what I write.

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  2. hello there! I just stumbled upon this post, which I don’t usually read around much here in blog land but for some reason decided to click on this one! I just wanted to encourage you. You say you’ve never been on a voyage or wouldn’t even know where to start but I think our entire life is a voyage, a long journey. While time is irrelevant to God it means a lot to us as humans so use your journey wisely. I don’t think our life is predetermined like a character in a book, but I do think that God speaks prophetic words over each and every one of our lives we just have to listen. He knows how the story is going to end but not because He choose it, because he gave us the power to choose. (I don’t think God would write stories without happy endings!) I just prayed for you really quick that you would gain your spark back and your creative juices would begin to flow. I have a prophetic word I feel like God really spoke to me as I was praying for you. God created you with a purpose, He gave you that desire for writing and He wants to use you and your gift. Maybe you’re stumped because you’re looking for inspiration in the wrong places. Ask God what He wants you to write about because He is SO creative…I mean what the heck why not give it a try since the prompt of the day isn’t doing much for you! But yeah I hope that your voyage is a spectacular one full of much love, and life. Also that your words would be used to inspire! That’s what I call prophetic word from God, not predestined you can choose what to do with it! Bless ya 🙂


    • Thank you, hanshmeef, for tumbling into my wild and whacky world of random opinions, stories, and other blathering. You are right, in a sense, life is in and of itself a voyage of sorts. It is literally the longest thing we will ever do in this mortal plain of existence. Voyage can be a long arduous journey or travel across the seas on a boat but I like the way you pointed it out. I am grateful of your response, and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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