GCD 13&14


I missed yesterdays Grateful Challenge post, in part to I was very exhausted and mentally unable to really focus on much aside from two seconds behind and two seconds forward. Since today is literally the last day of the challenge, I thought I’d do things a little differently. I am going to list a whole plethora of things I’m grateful for.


  • My girls : without them, I wouldn’t smile nearly as much.
  • My husband : without him, I wouldn’t be where I am nor would I be remotely close to as happy as I am right now, and how much happier I will be tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. He always stands by my side on whatever endeavor I decide to pursue.
  • My mother : she gave me everything she possibly could, and there’ll never be a person in the world I’m more grateful for than my mom.
  • Suze : she introduced me to her blog then convinced me to blog too. She always makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she brings me joy and she shows me love. If I had the choice to have 2 mothers, I’d definitely want her to be my second mommy. Love the woman to bits and pieces, I just wish sometimes she would realize her own worth. Then again, I’ve been barking up that tree with my own mother and she still doesn’t see it!
  • Stephy : a mutual friend of mine and Suze’s, she is that really cool aunt who knows the answer to like everything in the entire world. Though I don’t know if she’s really old enough to be my aunt, so she can just be my sister. Yup, forcibly adopting someone, she’s just that awesome.
  • Angie : She makes me giggle until I snort, and she hasn’t figured out just how much alike Suze and I are, so it always makes for a gas of a time when Suze and I double team her with our crazy!
  • Things I’ll always be grateful for that aren’t people
    • Waking up. Not everyone gets that opportunity.
    • Grass. I love how it smells when freshly cut, and how it feels on my feet.
    • Sun shine. I may have a bad track record with it but I love it!
    • Food and water. Who isn’t grateful to have stuff in their belly?
    • Coffee. You’d be dead if I didn’t have coffee.
    • Trees and other botanical things. They’re beautiful and shame on you for not being grateful for them!
    • Nature in its entirety. Without it, we wouldn’t be here.
    • Home. I’ve spent the past few years feeling like I had no where to call home. Home isn’t just where you lay your head, it’s where you feel at peace, safe within its walls. I love my home, and am grateful to of found it.
    • Electricity and proper plumbing. That should just be a given but some forget just how great it is to have electricity and a good plumbing system that works.
    • Fence / Gating. It allows children to roam safely and freely without getting hurt. I ordered a baby fence so that we can go outside and enjoy the summer!
    • Life! So many are deprived the opportunity at life, and granted yes I’m pro-choice because I’ve been in a life threatening situation myself, but my heart breaks for the lives that begin only to be ended too soon. There are so many children and infants who’ve had someone deprive them of the chance at life, so every day I am grateful for mine. It might not be perfect by the standards of others who are looking in, but to me it is the best life a person could ask for.

7 thoughts on “GCD 13&14

  1. I feel like sometimes we stumble through our lives like zombies, not really appreciating everything we have. So great to read something like this. (And not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for a good plumbing system).

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