Oh Dear Sweet

When I first came to Kentucky, I was seen as a tourist. Constantly looking around at everything and marveling at how different it was from where I came from and the places I’d seen. Like for instance in Kentucky, there are tons of days where you don’t see clouds anywhere in sight, yet there are rarely days where you have clear skies where I’m from. Another key difference is the trees here in Kentucky are so small that I call them shrubberies. It really annoys native Kentuckians to the point they end up freaking out. It makes me giggle, so I do it often! 


Another difference in Kentucky is that everyone wants you to be PC because apparently you’re not allowed to call your own kids porch monkeys, even if they act like monkeys just to get to your porch so they can play with the flowers and plants that are growing right beside it. You also apparently can’t call a person of any ethnicity a nigger, even if they ARE ignorant or stupid, because it’s derogatory towards “black people” even though not all people who are darker skin toned come from one continent. It baffles me, and makes me confused. Either way, yea, Kentucky is way different.


Here in Kentucky, we have Krogers, where as where I come from we have Safeway, and Best Foods Mayo is called Hellmanns. It has taken me some time to adjust to these differences, because they are very confusing for me. I’ve been here since 2009, and I’m still not accustomed to it! Heck, they call a shopping cart a “buggy” or “buggie” or some such. Both sound the same, so I’m not sure which way they spell it. Down south, pretty much everything is fried, deep fried, or just plain greasy as heck but where I come from, we don’t fry everything including our vegetables. We fry some stuff, sure, because we are human after all! Just … Not every darned thing.

29 thoughts on “Oh Dear Sweet

  1. Shay, when I first moved to florida from virginia I was amazed at how strangely I was looked upon. here I was a “northerner” and i kept thinking “but I am a southerner..I was born and raised in Virginia for crap’s sake”. Then I moved to Tennessee and boy howdie was that a different place. I thought I’d never figure out why they called thing by a different name than what I knew..mayo wasn’t “mayo” it was “Murcle whip”…then it was on to Texas (dear lord in Heaven) and not only did I have to learn how to talk to “mexcan-muricans” but I had to learn “texan” as well. even after twenty years there I had only a pratial understanding of them. I was forever and always a “damned Yankee”..yes I am from VIRGINIA! I think each area of the country has forged it’s own identity and the “natives’ all look askance at anyone from “away”. But I still don’t get the “racism” aspect of a porch monkey…to me that is a toddler on a porch climbing everything in sight.

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