A Dream Vacation

Day 1 of Suze’s Seven Days Of Summer challenge! So from what I gather, we’re supposed to either write about an awesome vacation we’ve been on, or our dream vacation. Obviously I am writing about my Dream Vacation that I hope to one day have become a reality.


july challenge


So my dream vacation would be a little strange… My dream vacation would be to a nice calm climate area, surrounded by all my favorite people. The list is rather short, but filled with people I adore. Maybe Scotland or Ireland, or even the outskirts of Sweden. The reason for such lush grassy places is because my dream vacation would be filled with picnics and laughter, joyous smiles and rough housing. I adore the very idea of every meal being eaten as a picnic, a big plush area of grass to sit on as we are surrounded by the beauty and harmony that is nature while surrounded by people I both love and adore. That, to me, would be a dream vacation come true. No politics, no stress, no worry, and most importantly, no freaking work. 


In my head, I see it as beautiful sunrise greeting me and those I care about as we settle down to have a breakfast picnic, a startlingly beautiful mid-day sun peak as we flop down for lunch, and the most gorgeous sunset as we settle in for dinner. Surrounded by wildlife, birds, deer, chipmunks, squirrels, and whatever other animals might be near by. To me, that is a truly perfect dream vacation.


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