A Perfect Summer Day

So according to Suze and her 7 Days Of Summer Challenge, today’s request is about either a day you’ve had that was perfect during summer or what you fantasize to be your perfect summer day. I’m personally going with what I fantasize to be my perfect summer day. 

july challenge

A perfect summer day for me would be a day I don’t have to worry about copious amounts of sun screen, even though the sun is blazing brightly. I wouldn’t have to cook, or clean anything. I would get to be free of the confines of my little enclosure with no cares in the world other than what I’m going to do that day. A perfect summer day would have absolutely no bitey bugs like mosquitoes, I dislike those blimey buggers. 


A perfect summer day would start with getting to sleep in, only to be woken to breakfast in bed to the smell of fresh pancakes, sausage, eggs, and some orange juice to accompany my morning coffee. The next step to a perfect summer day after such a delightfully filling breakfast to start the day would be a relaxing bubble bath with lavender bubbles and bath salts, and french vanilla candles, accompanied by a good book to read for at least half an hour to an hour. After a nice bath and some quality reading, snuggling with my family on the couch to watch a movie would be absolutely amazing. Once we finish the movie, guests would arrive. None other than my three favorite internet fems, Angie, Suze, and the Geekette Stephy. We’d have a blast playing board games like Cards Against Humanity, in which I’d have everyone falling onto the floor from giggling till they’re gasping for air as I read in my best commentator voice. We would end the night with a big feast of lasagna, with green beans, and some peach cobbler, then my friends would go home. Kids would get put to sleep, and the hubby and I would cuddle on the couch watching an episode of a geeky show we enjoy and fall asleep, snuggled in each others arms.


That, to me, would be a perfect summer day.


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