Oh No! Help!

So an awesome blog that I follow/silently stalk has disappeared, and it turns out they didn’t leave, they just moved and didn’t tell me. I was feeling a tad bit like I’d been burned, but I just found out today, and apparently she lost all her followers! This makes me sad, so I’m giving a big shout out to anyone and everyone in the blogosphere who will listen!


It’s my pleasure to announce that if you followed Aka MaKenzye @everydaylife8790.wordpress.com ; she officially has her own special unique blog address! You can find The RANDOMNESS that is WE at the link attached. 


If you didn’t follow her before, shame on you! Go follow her, she’s a hoot. 


4 thoughts on “Oh No! Help!

  1. Anyone ever tell you that you’re awesome? Because you definitely are ! Thank You i really appreciate it. & You silent stalked me :blushing face: anyone might be weirded out by that but to me its a compliment lol

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