Something Sundry This Way Comes

An idea was brought to me to post about some things and the thing I’ve selected for tonight is Vices! Thank you to A Nervous Girl’s Guide To Life for the idea, and I’m still pondering over the others you gave me! 


Now, we all have vices, whether we admit it or not. Some aren’t as bad as others, and some are down right terrible. Vices are often defined as immoral or wicked behavior, also seen as something “sinful”. Now, as I’m not necessarily a religious person, I don’t see anything as “sinful”, but I definitely see tons of stuff that is immoral or “wicked” often. I also do some things that I even consider immoral, and I’ll get into that in a moment. Usually immoral things are considered to be lacking of moral fiber, something socially unacceptable, or something that is so drastically wrong that you can’t even think to look at the person in the same light. 


A list of things I find to be a vice of society


  • Swearing excessively : I do this, and so do many other people. I’m not necessarily ashamed of it, but it is definitely something I would like to limit. Especially since I have children.
  • Smoking : I also do this, and I would much rather quit than cut down. I’m sort of disappointed in the fact that I’ve been trying to quit for some while and haven’t managed to. I am ashamed of this vice.
  • Drinking (Alcohol) : I don’t really do this, except maybe once or twice a year, and never around my kids. I always make sure I have a sitter for my girls before I even think of purchasing liquor. Many drink alcohol while still in the presence of their families, regardless of their age and abilities. This is a terrible thing, and I condemn it.
  • Cheating : I’ve never done this, but many in the world have. Cheating on your significant other, regardless of status (dating, engaged, married). Cheating, especially when you’ve created a family with the other person in your relationship, hurts not just the person you’re with, but the children you have and yourself. Often times, in incidents of infidelity, you end up losing custody of your child(ren) due to your inability to make proper life style choices. Obviously if you can’t stay faithful to your significant other, you can’t be faithful to your children. I condemn cheating, vehemently.
  • Drugs : A terrible vice that usually ends with the end of ones life. I’ve never done drugs aside from when I was forced to by the government to “control” me because I have/had ADHD. They basically fed me speed, and since then, I refuse to take drugs even when prescribed. However there are many people all around the world who do drugs, and often end up dead as the result. I condemn the use of drugs, and wish that they would stop manufacturing them.
  • Laziness : I’m not often accused of this, but I firmly believe I do this more than most people. Laziness is unbecoming in any individual, and leads to a lack luster point on life. It is also connected to deep rooted depression, as well as over-eating which leads to obesity. Many people who are lazy folk tend to have dirty homes, poor hygiene, and a natural sense of stink about them. People who are lazy often end up being lonely, secluded from family and friends even though they want more than anything to be around others. Suggestion for lazy people : Go outside. Smell the fresh air. Worry about cleaning later, first get yourself right with the world by experiencing some amazing Vitamin D given to you by the beautiful sun.
  • Slatternliness : This is a word I had to actually ask my good friend Suze for, and it is depicted as an individual who dresses in an unseemly fashion. Essentially someone who doesn’t know how to dress properly for the public. I for one am far from guilty of this, in fact I dress so conservatively that I’ve often been confused for a staunch religious person even though I’m not. However sadly, many do not share my view on what I see as slatternly dress. I’ll just give you an idea of what I see as slatternly dress styles.
    • Shorts/skirts that go above the knee
    • Shirts that show cleavage / do not come to the collar bone in cut
    • Clothing that tightly conforms to the body (latex, spandex, leggings without a dress / skirt over it)
    • Clothing with cutouts (pieces of important fabric missing from the garb like assless chaps, I’ll see if I can find pictures of other examples, shouldn’t be hard)
    • Clothing that does not fit properly (throws ones bosom out or barely sits on ones hips so when they sit, their tush falls out)
    • Sheer/see through materials without wearing something proper underneath. 


Now even though I could go on about Vices all day and night, it is getting late and I’ve already gone over the maximum words I’d intended to write for this post. Trust me, there are TONS more vices I could’ve written about. Anyhow, here is my list for now! Examples below.



All Images Found Through Google Search For “Dresses”


7 thoughts on “Something Sundry This Way Comes

  1. Very comprehensive guide. I suppose we’re all guilty of a few vices to get us through life. My vices are most definitely food and alcohol, but I don’t feel guilty about that, as I don’t have young children around I need to set an example to. (Besides, ice-cream just tastes toooo good).

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