Floating Along

I’ve never really been on an island, other than the big giant continent that the United States is apart of, so instead of going on about my lack of experience in being on an island, I want to write about what I think it would be like to be on ones own island (or their own paradise) because that sounds more fun!


I imagine living on an island would be awesome, especially if it’s their own island that is secluded away from the world because people kind of scare me and drive me batty. A decently sized 50 mile radius from the center focal point would be perfect for me, plenty of space to roam, grow stuff I want, and have my own live stock. I could literally sustain myself and my family on a island about that big, and we’d have tons of trees everywhere. I wouldn’t want it to be anywhere too tropical though, as I think I’d die from heat stroke! On this little island of mine, I would have all the people I care about and adore, and we’d all get our own little dwellings that we could shut ourselves in on days where we much rather have a burning fireball strike all of civilization than communicate with one another. 


The twist would be though that underneath the island would be a bunker. A gargantuan bunker. It would be stocked with non-perishables, a direct line from the water that auto-filters so we could have clean water at any time should we need to use said bunker, and there would be dormitories. There would be a full blown kitchen that is stocked to the gills, sustained by solar panels that are on the surface and extra battery cells in case we have a freak incident like a week long solar eclipse. We would also have a room dedicated to firearms for those who can use them, in case someone tries to invade the island with brute force. Like heck I would let my paradise be invaded! Don’t threaten the people I love, and you won’t end up dead. Simple as that. I’m a pretty good aim, by the way. 😉


Days would be filled with caring for the land, teaching our children the differences of right and wrong, and generalized education across the board. For instance if someone knows how to tan a hide and turn it into a useful item, they could teach the rest of the community how. If someone knows how to make electronics, they could then turn around and show everyone else how to. It would be a true community, no real dictatorship but a full blown democracy. A true, magnificent, and glorious democracy. I think that would be an awesome island to live on, mainly because of the fact that the island would be comprised of love instead of mingled hate and fear mongering.


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