Summer Essentials By A Pasty Lady

Todays challenge from Suze in her 7 Days Of Summer Challenge is about your top three summer essentials for every summer. So I’m going to write, obviously, about the three things that are a must have for me during every summer since I can remember.

july challenge

Sunscreen : Copious amounts of it, otherwise I’ll burn. No one wants to see me running around looking like a lobster with boils, so I absolutely must have my sunscreen. SPF 100+, or as my husband fondly calls it, latex paint.


Parasol : Even though I use sunscreen, I still need protection for my head and I’m not very fond of hats. So in order to save my scalp and prevent me from getting sun poisoning, a parasol like the one Abby Sciuto has from NCIS is a positively magnificent must. Not only does it save my poor scalp, but it is perfectly fashionable!


Tennis Shoes : Now who would ever forget about the most important thing ever? Foot wear! Tennis Shoes are one of my most worn wardrobe items, and I couldn’t survive any kind of weather without them, especially not the summer time. Tennis shoes allow me to go gallivanting about without hurting my feet and exposing them to all those icky UV rays of doom.


These are my 3 must have summer essentials for every summer, what are yours?


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