Independence Day

Today I am playing catch-up on Suze’s 7 Days Of Summer Challenge. Day 4 of her challenge was supposed to be about what Independence means to me.

july challenge

The idea of Independence Day is the thing that all who come to America seek. Freedom. Freedom from fear, freedom from oppression, freedom to be who you so wish to be. There is always a price to be paid for ones freedoms though. Often times freedom for the masses comes at the cost of the lives of others. We struggle to balance freedom and payment for freedom, and worse still, we struggle with the very ideology of “Freedom for All”. We the people of the American United States cannot all be held accountable for our countries dreadful actions and or decisions, but what we can do is remove those who do not speak for the people. 


Our government ought to be held accountable for their failure to listen to the constituents that put them in office. It is obvious that our government has forgotten log ago what the true meaning of the Declaration of Independence is about, along with the American Constitution. We were once an independent nation whose ability to communicate, debate, and come to a resolution was what let to America’s fruition. Now, we have forgotten what Independence is, what our Constitution stands for, we no longer know what true freedom is like.


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