National Rollerblade / Roller-skate Day

Finally caught up to today’s post for Suze’s weird little 7 Days of Summer Challenge, it’s day 6 and today’s challenge is to create your own national holiday and describe how others would celebrate it.

july challenge

National Rollerblade / Roller-skate day would be a day in which everyone used roller-blades or roller-skates to get around to their destination instead of cars, trucks, bikes, so on and so forth. Everyone would be fully geared with all the necessary knee and elbow pads, along with a helmet for their head for those who aren’t that terribly balanced. They could either have a standard set of roller-blades/roller-skates, or they could get ones with patterns they could color themselves to create their own unique designs. 


Each resident of all participating countries would have police officers policing the streets to ensure that all the roller-bladers/roller-skaters are traveling safely and helping those who are having difficulty staying up on their own two feet. There would be designated areas approximately every few blocks where people could take a rest, drink some water, then get going again. Each rest stop would be equipped with a shelter for those who are adversely affected by the sun, and would be in front of a shop for which people could purchase a light snack for anyone who might have to keep their blood sugar level due to the excessive exercise.


3 thoughts on “National Rollerblade / Roller-skate Day

  1. Can I also wear a brightly decorated twin size mattress strapped around my middle so when I go careening off into the “real” roller-bladers I wont kill myself? LOVE this holiday. now, where did I put my skates?

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