Reading And Writing

Suze’s day 5 of her 7 Days of Summer Challenge is supposed to either be about 5 things you would pick up at a beach or alternatively, a summer activity you enjoy the most and why. Since I wouldn’t be caught dead on a beach, because it requires being out in the blazing sun and being surrounded by more than I could handle in naked people… Not to mention about two boatloads of sunscreen to keep myself from burning and disappearing in the wind like a vampire who sees their first sunset… I think I’ll write about one of my most favorite activities that I enjoy doing during the summer time.

july challenge

I absolutely love to take walks to little nature areas like nature reserve parks and rock quarries, or even graveyards since it is my favorite place in the world to go to begin with. Usually I find a nice cozy little shaded spot and curl up with a good book, be it a physical book or an eBook, and just read. I’ve not been able to do that for some time, but it was always my favorite thing to do ever. Now, as I’ve grown older and started having my own family, I take whatever chance I get to read and truly immerse myself in the fantasy of worlds unknown. Either that or write my own little weird slice of paradise. 


I get my best clarity when I’m alone by myself, with little to no distractions. So I don’t really get a whole lot of time for writing or reading since the kids are always all over me or getting into stuff they really shouldn’t be. Personally I prefer when they’re all over mommy, because that’s when the most fun begins.


4 thoughts on “Reading And Writing

  1. as a teen my favorite place was a secluded shady park behind the local church. I would sit reading for hours. As a young mother my favorite place became the local kids park under a huge oak tree. The boys would run around inside a fenced area playing on the slides and merry go rounds while I got lost in a book. Now it is either under my oak tree on a lawn chair or on my front porch swing…book in hand and iced tea next to me. I can relate to this very very easily.

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    • I wish there was a fenced in place my kids could play at, would be nice because then I could resume my reading! I’ve been stuck in the second book of the Shannara series because I can never find the time to read it.

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