Beautiful Leaves

I missed writing day 7 of Suze’s 7 Days Of Summer Challenge because I was at a funeral, but I’m making it up now! The 7th day of July’s prompt from her challenge is noting the end of summer, and what one looks forward to with the coming of fall. There’s a lot I look forward to, honestly!

july challenge

Fall is when both my girls’ birthdays happen! My Marie Bean will be turning 3 this September, and my Celeste Bug is turning 2 this October. Celeste was born on the 18th and had an 11 day stint in the NICU, barely making it home before Halloween. However poor Marie got sick right as we were bringing Celeste home, which broke my heart because that meant no trick-or-treating. Marie’s birthday is literally the day before her daddies! If only she could have held off another 24 hours, then they’d share the same day together for the rest of forever. 


One of the other things I look forward to every year when Autumn comes is the changing of the leaves. Especially during a particularly spectacular sunset, when the sun shines through the color changing leaves. It is literally one of the most amazing and beautiful things I think I’ve ever seen, when the leaves begin to turn colors and start falling to the ground. I’ve always wondered how people turn them into leaf wreaths, whenever I find these beautiful little leaves, they’re so brittle and incapable of turning into something artistically gorgeous. 


Don’t even get me started on Halloween itself, oh my goodness. Halloween is one of my top two most favorite holidays of the year. It is the time of year when children dress up in adorable and or semi-frightening costumes, blood oozing or covered in bazillions of sparkles. We get princesses, ghouls, ghosts, vampires, lady bugs, lobsters, and so many more adorable childrens’ costumes. I had Marie dressed up in a ghost tutu for her first Halloween, and Celeste’s first Halloween, she had a lady bug tutu dress, fully trimmed with wings and a customized headband.


I look forward to many more beautiful birthdays, and oodles more amazing Halloween adventures with my girls.

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