Don’t Understand

I am disappointed in the world, it is filled with false truths, and impossible to truly have full autonomy. We do our best to make our decisions based on what we’re told, what we see, and what our government offers statistics wise and yet we are living a lie. We are coated in a darkness we cannot seem to reach out from. The truth is forbidden, and in order to find it, we must dig deep within ourselves and with the help of others who can offer first hand experience. There are layers upon layers of lies that have buried the real truth. 


You see, it was recently brought to my attention by the ever magnificent Suze, who has had so much more worldly experience than myself, that the Justice Department puts out statistics that are skewed. They’re full of false truths, that have been altered and manipulated by our own justice system. They do this to keep us shrouded in a world of darkness, thinking that our country is good and that people who are different from the majority populace are “evil” or “sent from the devil” as I’ve often heard it referred to as. For one to have full autonomy, and exercise that autonomy, they must be able to be presented facts. Our government, instead of providing true and bare facts, gives us nothing but layers of bullshit. Pardon my language, but it is the truth. Real hard, stone cold facts are forbidden by our very own government, and all we can do is sit here and wonder until someone who has had experience and has the knowledge can correct the wrongs that our very government have put out there.


Such an incident occurred today for me. I was shown a page from the Justice Department statistics today, and I shared it because it was astounding. The numbers were just insane. They were also false.

They were not the truth, but merely just another layer of lies.

Now, I know Suze didn’t call me out for having shared this, and I respect her so much for that, but I also know she very well should have and could have. She does, after all, know that I value truth above all else. I don’t like the idea of being hidden in the darkness with the masses, and I think that is why she so politely made her post without directly targeting me.


7 thoughts on “Don’t Understand

  1. the stats there are “sort of” true…they just go by the conviction rates. if one looks at ARREST records they are about 56-44 white and blacks. It is beyond annoying to me that we are so “afraid” of a racial group when the real problem is the system allows far more whites to go on probation than blacks…and first offenders have their records erased upon successful completion of probation. Oh the arrest always stays with them but no sign of a conviction can be found…therefor they are not counted in the totals.

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