Terror In Their Eyes

So I witnessed first hand a wreck in my little town on our way to a family members house, children in tow. We were waiting at a red light between showalter and broadway, minding our own business when suddenly I saw a green truck run a red light and smash into the front end of a black truck. My husband has only heard the loud pop as the collision occurred but I saw it literally happen as it happened.

My eyes practically bugged out of my eyes as I saw it happen, and immediately noticed the fear and worry in the eyes of those in the green trucks eyes. The driver began looking around to see what all he had done, and his face stoped moving once he saw the black truck sitting there not moving with a dented in front end. I must have gasped because my husband’s gaze followed mine and he then saw the wreck too. All he said was, “Oh thats what that was.” How he remained so calm and collected is beyond me, but my first reaction was that I wanted to help. I didn’t know what I could do to help though. 

Instinctually I grabbed my phone and immediately dialed 911. Someone came onto the phone and asked what my emergency was, and I told them everything I had seen. I told them how I watched the green truck run the red light, how it had collided with the black truck. I informed them I had no idea if anyone was hurt, I couldn’t see and the last time I heard of someone helping another during such a situation they ended up in trouble so the least I could do was report it. The person on the other end said I did exactly what I could, asked my name and my number and informed me that they may contact me for witness statement. I obliged, but something in the drivers eyes keeps bothering me.

Something about how it all went down bothers me. Why did he run the red light, and are the people in the black truck okay? I feel such sorrow for them, they could have been just having a day with the family, been on their way to work, on their way to a doctor’s appointment, or any other number of things. I just keep hoping beyond hope that everyone is okay. What scares me though is this can happen to anyone. This could have been my family, this could have been our car. There are people who wonder how I can be so carphobic but then things like this happen and I wonder just how everyone else in the world is fine with these things occuring. 

There is so much devastation, so much anguish caused by people who don’t pay attention. I firmly believe the world would be a better place if we could only pay a little more attention. Keep your eyes on the road, even if it’s only you in the car. Even a second off the road and it could cost someone their life. It could cost you your life. Be careful, be aware, and pay attention.


7 thoughts on “Terror In Their Eyes

  1. :/
    Earlier this year or maybe it was late last year I saw a motorcycle car incident.
    Failure to headcheck and the car merged into the bike, and it flip and the the motorcyclist screamed.
    Was terrible but I remember being amazed by how fast everyone reacted. The driver stopped, a cordone was set up by volunteers. There was a chemist nearby and they had were qualified first aid responders.
    Was incredible – both in its terror and the reaction to it.

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