Gone With The Wind

So most of my readers have probably had somewhere around the ball park of three thoughts cross their minds. Thoughts such as “Where has Shay gone?” or “What happened to that cooky lady with the weird eye burning blog I was reading?” or perhaps maybe even, “I hope that weird person is okay, they’ve been gone a while.” Where as undoubtedly, others haven’t even noticed my lack of presence. I went some while without posting anything, in fact I think my last post was seven days ago when I saw a horrific wreck happen right before my eyes. Prior to that, I hadn’t made a post for another 9 days. Quite unlike me, I know.


I’ve been sort of dealing with a bit of depression, and being a whiny emo twit so I didn’t feel up to posting anything due to my inability to have a positive or coherent thought. So hopefully those who actually look forward to my blatherings will forgive me. In my brain dead time, it turns out I was nominated for a couple awards which I’ll post about later on. What I want to write about right now though is the sudden upswing of good thoughts I’ve had recently. It’s as if the wind blew the darkness away and has been trying to make this month as smooth as it possibly could, even though it has been one of the darkest months I’ve had in some time.


For one, my husband got to be on day shift this past month. Having his company around during this time has really been helping to ease my stress levels and created a calm that I only thought possible when in the eye of a tornado. He got to be with me during the funeral, doing his best to calm my fragile broken mind. These past couple weeks he has held my hand and helped me with the children, giving me the chance to relax and rest, while also trying to recuperate from the whole ordeal. Without him, I don’t know how I would have dealt with the situation. The schedule shift of him being on dayshift has actually helped a great deal as well.


My husband has literally been the wind beneath my wings this past month, and I am ever so grateful for him being here for me. Then there is my mom and my friend Suze who have both been blessings in their own ways, making me smile even when I just wanted to curl into a ball and cry. The two of them have at alternate times, and on the oft occasion, at the same time, had me laughing so hard I could barely breathe. In fact, just the other night I was on the phone with my mom when a facebook status of Suze’ crossed my news feed and the ensuing laughter that came afterwards really cheered me up. My mom and I were laughing so hard meanwhile we were both posting on Suze’ post. It finally came to the point where we got off the phone and I had to immediately make a mad dash to the restroom.


They say that it is in times of extreme distress that we learn who our true friends are, times of trouble will reveal who are real and who are just there to tag along for the ride. Though I hate being depressed and a whiny emo brat, I think this experience has truly taught me a lot about myself and the friends that I choose to surround myself with.


8 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind

  1. I am so glad you feel up to posting again. Sometimes we just have to take an emotional break sweetie, and I am so glad your mom and allan were able to be there for you. Happy to have made you rush for the bathroom from laughing too! lol


  2. True friends are always the ones who are around when you randomly need them the most. Even if majority of the time they may not open a chat with you or just call to see how things are going on a daily basis. No, the true friends will rejoice in your happy times and morn with you when times are tough. Let you vent when you need to talk to try and make sense of things, and most of all, be honest when you need it the most. True friends are not measured by how much they talk, but how much they listen and their ability to be honest in return. I certainly am honored to have such a quirky odd crazy chick like that as a friend. Hope you keep writing, I am listening too.

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  3. yayyy you’re back… I did miss reading your posts and was wondering why you haven’t posted anything.. I’m glad you are feeling better 🙂 and yes husbands can be blessings in disguise. We need to appreciate them being there right. Anyway looking forward to regular posts again.. Cheers.Stay Strong.Stay positive.

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