Love Lorn Pt 1

Jane sat frustratedly looking over the finances, looking at the ledgers that her and Will had agreed to write their financial transcripts into. She kept wondering where all the money was going, though sure they had enough to cover all their bills and still have their little luxuries, she saw discrepancies with the ledger and the transactions from their joint bank account. She thumbed through some pages while sipping her morning tea, a frustrated finger tapping on the glass dinning room table. She heard footsteps coming down the hall and quickly closed the bank app on her tablet while closing the ledger and placing it back on the breakfast counter in the kitchen. 

As Will walked in, newspaper in hand, he reached his hand out as he had done for the past 4 years and 7 months. His hand was met with the handle of a fresh cup of tea, steaming with freshness and the scent of lemon and honey filling his nostrils. He lowered his paper and kissed Jane on the forehead, “Morning honey. How was work yesterday?” He laid the newspaper down, looking lovingly across the table at his wife.

She sat with him after refilling her cup and smiled at him, “It was okay, the board meeting went a little longer than anticipated but over all I think we made some significant headway.” Jane sipped at her tea and glanced at her husband, “How was your spur of the moment work that you needed to file?” 

Oh, it turned out they filed it in the wrong section. They filed it with the returns for this month when they were the returns for last month. They would be lost without me to help keep them organized.” He smiled, picked up his newspaper again when suddenly his phone vibrated. He frowned, setting it back down to pick up his phone as Jane sighed softly, “Sorry, hon, work needs me.

She nodded hesitantly and stood up, grabbing him his salad lunch and brusquely handing it to him, “I guess I’ll see you when I get off work?” she paused, “Maybe then we can talk about our anniversary?” Jane looked hopefully at Will.

Maybe.” he kissed her forehead as he headed out the door with his salad, quickly grabbing his keys on his way out the door. He paused at the threshold, “Love you Jane, don’t ever forget it.

I love you too, Will.” she called out, a somewhat pained tone coming out as she said it. The door closed with ease and she settled back down into her seat. Opening the tablet again, she started thumbing through the withdrawals that had been made, shaking her head in dismay. Muttering under her breath as she kept spotting inconsistencies, she started mentally doing a tally of all the miscellaneous withdrawals that made no sense. As she looked through the figures and frequency, she realized he had been taking out about a third of each of his paychecks every time he got a paycheck.

Janes frustration and confusion began mounting when suddenly she got a phone call. Almost as if waking up, she snapped out of her mental world and back into the real world. Glancing at her phone, she saw it was her boss. With one hand she flipped the phone open and the other she began rubbing her temple, “Yes, Ben?

We need you in sooner than anticipated, someone double booked themselves for a showing today and I need you to cover for them.

Oh great, was it Melody again?

Yes, she booked two showings for 9am. One off Glennhurst and the other off Bartly. You know which one I want you to take over.

On it sir, I’ll be out the door in five.

I knew I could count on you, Jane. Come to my office after you’re done.

Will do sir. See you in about an hour.


Slipping on her heels, she took one final sip of her tea which had now started to cool to room temperature. She closed the app on the tablet, shut it off and placed it on the reading nook table before turning and heading out the door, grabbing her keys out of the bowl. As she approached her car, there was a note on the windshield. It read, “I hope you have a wonderful day, beautiful. There’s a present in the drivers seat for you. Love Will” She opened the drivers seat door and there was a single pink rose and a truffle shaped like a heart. She smiled as she sniffed the rose and placed the truffle in the mid console. She thought to herself, ‘Well maybe everything isn’t so bad, he remembers the simple things after all these years after all.‘ Pulling out of the driveway, she headed off to the showing in the rich neighborhood of Bartly.

As she reached the large estate, she quickly got out of the car and began lighting the gingerbread scented sticks around the house. Light fragrance to make it feel like home, that’s what she was taught. She got the cookie dough out of the fridge they had stored for showings and began baking the cookies in cute shapes like kitties and puppies and snowflakes. The cookies finished baking about ten minutes before the family arrived for the showing. Jane gingerly put all the cookies on the platter and stood at the door waiting for their arrival. It wasn’t too long before the large van appeared. She knew the family could afford the house, she just needed to make sure she got the sale clinched before meeting her boss.

Putting on a bright smile, she greeted them at their car and offered the family cookies. “Welcome to your new home, Perri family!” she said enthusiastically. Within twenty minutes of showing them the house and telling them its history and the basics of its foundation and about the electrical work, she had them sold. They wrote the check for $500k and left happily to go pack their belongings so they could move into their new home.


This is the first actual installment of this story, the first post was merely a prologue. I’ll try to write more of it tomorrow or later tonight. More importantly though, I hope you’re enjoying reading it!


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