Love Lorn Pt2

Shuffling papers as she waited for her boss to get back from lunch, Jane’s phone pinged as a text message arrived. Smiling at the recognition of the specific text ringtone, she opened her phone to the message which simply read, ‘Might be late tonight, miss you. Love Will‘. Her smile faded as a sigh escaped her. Before she could get swept up in the emotions of missing her husband, Ben walked in the door brusquely.

He put his briefcase in the chair against the wall in the corner of the room then sat behind his desk. Ben finally looked up at Jane after settling in, “I thought you said you’d see me in about an hour.” His expression was less than pleasant.

Sir, there was nothing prepared. The house hadn’t been dusted recently, the blinds and curtains had been drawn. I needed to close the deal, so I needed time to make the house feel like a home.

You could have told me.

Sir, I did. Did you not get my message” Jane’s brow raised, a hint of concern on her face.

Well I..” Ben paused and turned on his computer, clacking at the keys for a moment before his face fell. “So you did. I’m sorry, it has just been hard trying to get a viable buyer for that house. I knew I should have put it on your list.” He closed the screen then tapped his fingers on the desk before looking back at Jane, “How bad was it?

Sir, it was bad enough I had to postpone my meeting with the Perris. One round of incense wasn’t enough to rid the house of the musty smell.” Jane’s feet shuffled across the carpet, nervous but knowing she had to be honest, “I don’t think Melody is a right fit for the company, Sir. I had to let the house air out before I could try the incense again, I had to vacuum, dust, sweep, and mop myself.” she paused, gauging the look on Ben’s face before resuming, “I thought she was supposed to of shown the house two days ago? How could it of been in such disarray?

Ben’s face had been steadily growing more and more furious looking as Jane spoke. He stood up, pushing the chair back and dialed out a number on his phone. Jane stood tentatively watching, knowing full well she might very well have gotten a fellow realtor fired. She couldn’t simply get in trouble for someone else’s mistakes though, not when she had so much already on her mind. After waiting for the other end to pick up, Ben’s face became red.

Melody, you had better call me back when you get this. I want you in my office ASAP.” he slammed the receiver down then looked at Jane, “You should go to lunch. I’m sure she will be here any minute and you don’t need to hear what I am going to say.

Jane nodded and hurried out the door, grabbing up her coat on the way. She couldn’t agree more, she knew she didn’t want to be there when Melody got back to the office. On her way back to her car, she took out her phone and texted Will back, ‘You’ve been working late a lot recently. Wish we could just have one night of no surprises, just the two of us. Love Jane

Sighing, Jane drove home to get herself a quick bite to eat for lunch. Upon opening the fridge, she saw her sub sandwich and began eating as she started a fresh cup of tea. While waiting for her tea to finish, she looked over her schedule. She was free for another two hours, then one last house showing. She groaned as she realized it wasn’t just any house, but an open house. It was hard enough dealing with a family, but multiple families? Jane decided to do a spur of the moment trip to her husbands office to see him before going back to work. She poured the tea into a thermos cup, grabbed her sub and went back to her car.

As she arrived in front of the large bank where her husband worked. The sight of the building brought a smile to her face. Taking a quick final drink of her tea, she parked the car off to the side so as to surprise Will. When she walked into the bank, she was warmly greeted by many of the workers and tellers. She waved and greeted them back as she walked towards the back where her husbands office was. Spotting the receptionist busily clacking away at the keyboard, Jane smiled and told her to take a short break.

Oh, Mrs. Harrol, what a pleasure to see you. I think Mr. Harrol is currently on the phone, but I’m sure he won’t mind. It isn’t business related.” she quickly finished what she had been typing and accepted the offer of a short break, practically running for the doors while pulling out a pack of cigarettes.

Jane chuckled softly, “I don’t know how that girl manages to work her. She smokes far too much.” she tapped on the door of her husbands office and heard his voice from within. She couldn’t make out what he was saying, but did make out him calling who ever knocked in. As she opened the door and entered the room, Will suddenly said he had to go and hung up the phone.

His face turned pink with embarrassment, “Well hello hon. What a surprise.

She hugged him, throwing her arms around his neck, “I figured, I have a two hour break between houses so I should stop by.” Jane smiled.

Will backed out of the embrace, forcing a smile, “Well hon, I would have liked some kind of warning.

Jane frowned slightly at the distance he put between them, “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you..” hesitantly, she questioned, “Who were you on the phone with? You got off the phone rather suddenly. Rachel said you weren’t handling business, you’re supposed to be on lunch.

Will grinned sheepishly, “It’s a surprise. You’ll have to wait and see.


I hope this captures and enraptures! Trying to build a story from an idea given to me by my mom. If you’d like to start from the beginning, there is a prologue here !! Please let me know how you feel about the story, does it draw you in? Are you intrigued? Prior to knowing it was just a story, did you think it was about my husband and I? If so, did it make you feel bad for me or angry with my husband? Thank you to all who take the time to read my ever-growing mini-sodes.


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