Love Lorn Pt3

Jane resigned herself to not knowing, her expression becoming pained and filled with anguish. Will saw the drastic change and frowned lightly, he walked to his wife and embraced her. Giving her a kiss on her head, he handed her a small long box. Smiling reassuringly, he nudged her lightly to get her attention to the box. “Take this and go over to Charleen’s house after work. You only have one showing left, so have a girls night with Charleen and the girls.

Taking the box, she looked at her husband with her brow raised quizzically. As Jane started to open it, her husband clasped a hand over hers, “Not here, dear. Wait until you are with Charleen.” He gave her a loving kiss and embraced her again.

Jane stumbled, surprised by the sudden burst of affection, feeling herself melt into her husbands embrace. She relaxed, having missed the closeness they were now sharing. As they broke from each other she smiled at him and tucked the box into her carry bag. “I’ll see you later, then?” Will nodded, then gently guided her to the door with his hand on the small of her back. He gave her another gentle kiss and whispered in her ear, “I love you, my sweet Jane.

As she left the building, she felt in higher spirits. She got into her car and drove the long drive to her next house showing. 

Upon arriving at the house, it already smelled delightful, the floors freshly mopped and vacuumed. She smiled at smelling the light scent of lavender and vanilla mixed together with just a hint of spice. It gave the house a cozy and comfortable yet warm feel. She checked the usual culprits for dust and was pleased when she came up empty. She then set to getting the cinnamon buns made for the family that would be visiting. She had been given details about this family in advance.

It was a close knit family, mother was a stay at home mom who would love the double oven and six burner stove. Would definitely be a help for those big dinners for the family. Dad was a lawyer who worked at a prestigious firm, so the study with a lock would definitely make him happy. It was the kids she worried about. The eldest was a bookworm and wanted her own little book-nook. Finding a house with a bay window that had a ottoman was a tad more difficult than she thought, but she managed to find the perfect one.

The second eldest wanted their own room away from her sister, so the five bedroom house would be sufficient for her. Then there was the middle children who refused to sleep without the other. They also had demanded their parents find them a place for a tree house and a backyard fort. Lastly was the sweet baby she had heard about, who barely fussed. All they wanted was a pre-pinked bedroom for her that has a walk-in closet. She could definitely manage that. 

Selling the family on the house was the easy part. The paperwork and negotiating the price could be the problem. She finished baking the cinnamon buns, but as she was putting the icing on them, she heard the car pull up. Jane made sure they looked picture perfect before heading to the door just as they reached the porch. Opening the door with a bright smile on her face, she greeted the parents and offered the kids the snacks. The showdown began as the kids ran rampant around the house and adults talked shop. It didn’t take long to get the price down solid, they had anticipated the price to be well above what it really was.

As they signed the papers and set the date to fill out the loan paperwork and signing of the deed, she breathed a sigh of relief. Barely 4pm and her day was already over. She touched her bag to feel the shape of the box Will had given her hours earlier, a smile reappearing on her face. They shook hands at the door and she wished them a happy day and lovely weekend. As they drove off, she locked the door and got into her car. Jane called up Charleen to let her know she was coming by then started the drive to her best friends house.

Knocking on Charleen’s door, Jane heard giggling from inside. Charleen greeted her with a bright smile and a glass of champagne. As she walked in, she saw that Amber, Lisa, and Bev were already here. The moment they saw her, they burst into fits of giggles again and clamoured to give her hugs. Jane could tell they had all been drinking for a while already and laughed, glad to join the gaiety of their gathering.

So, have you opened it? You said he gave you a box. What is in it?” Bev demanded while laughing still.

I haven’t, and I have no idea.

Amber chittered, “Well open it, don’t keep us in suspense!

Lisa being the ever vigilant one snatched up the box and tossed it around, “Oh, jewelry!” as she heard the faint ching of what she suspected was chain.

Charleen grabbed the box from Lisa and handed it back to Jane, “Open it dear.

Jane couldn’t help but laugh as she opened it. Sure enough, it looked like a jewelry box. It had a firm yet soft feel. As she opened the box, her eyes were met with a beautiful sterling silver bracelet with a heart charm made of pure amethyst. Lifting it from the box it was set in, she saw three other charms. A fresh water pearl, a rose quartz, and a crystal heart charm. Jane gasped as the girls looked on excitedly.

Charleen was the first to speak coherently, “Well, it seems he is a smart man after all. He remembered the stones for each anniversary. I wonder what he will get this year. It’s only three months to the day before your fifth year anniversary, he better do something big.” She winked at the other girls and smiled at Jane.


That’s it for today’s submission into this little mini-sode story of mine! If you’d like to start from the beginning, you can read the prologue here.


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