Love Lorn PT6

As they drove around, Jane watched as the outside of the car changed from trees and homes to little boutiques and little mom-n-pop shops, with a random cafe sitting in the midst of it all. She looked at her husband and wondered just how long they had lived in their quaint city. When they’d first moved into the neighborhood, it was comprised of just a few houses and tons of locally ran shops. You could find anything from hand-crafted clothes to fresh cut meats. Sadly, the town they had moved to was now a bustling city. 

They drove on into the heart of the city where they could see people opening up shop for their this and thats. As they were going along, Jane saw the hair stylist shop where her friend Bev worked. She smiled, knowing Bev had a full day planned. Her thoughts then drifted to Charleen, who worked at a top end shoe store. She wondered who Lisa would be working on today, she was top notch with cosmetics and worked at a well known beauticians boutique. Amber helped out at the beauticians boutique by cleaning up here and there, and also did pedicures and manicures. It was actually how Jane and Amber had met, through Lisa. Though Bev, Lisa, and Charleen had known eachother all through school.

Suddenly the car stopped, and Jane snapped out of her little world of thought. She looked at Will, then realized why he had stopped. There was some kind of march of ducks going through the intersection. She sighed slightly, a hint of frustration.

What is it, hon?” Will asked, having noticed the sigh.

I don’t get why the ducks have to go through town to get to the city fountain. It always mucks up traffic.” She responded irritably.

He raised his brow, looking at her in confusion, “Well how else are they going to get to the water to have a nice cool play in the water?

Why can’t they just fly there? Isn’t it faster?” She snapped back, looking at him with disdain that he didn’t agree.

The baby ducks are too young to fly for very long.” He said matter of fact, then proceeded to drive after the last little duck had gone past. “Nature doesn’t bend to the whim of the people, people must bend to nature’s whim.” Will gently gripped his wife’s hand, “Let’s not let a silly thing like nature’s obstacles ruin a perfectly good day. It is only the morning after all. Plenty of time to have a lovely day.” He smiled.

Jane huffed slightly, but knew that he was right. She didn’t know why she was being so combative and irritable, it wasn’t nature that was mucking about with her life. Suddenly an idea struck them both at the same time, and they spoke in unison.

How about the museum?” they said and started to laugh as they realized they’d spoken and thought in tandem. Jane smiled, it felt nice to laugh together.

Will squeezed her hand and nodded. “To the museum!

As they drove, Jane changed the music from classical to a mix of techno and instrumental. They had spent their school age years learning they had very similar tastes in music, hers being more geared towards instrumental and his being more techno. They most enjoyed when both were combined. It was the perfect mesh of both their interests musically, and they blended seamlessly. On the way to the museum, they seemed to hit every single red light in the city. Two stop lights away, they saw it. The large flying banner that read, “Grand Opening Of The Evolution Of Music And Dance Museum“. Jane started to get excited, and Will grinned broadly. He loved it so when she got excited.

Driving up to the entrance, the valet waited for Will to get out of the car as an attendant opened Jane’s door and welcomed them to the museum. Will gave the valet a $50, handing him the keys as well. He went over to Jane and held out his arm, “Shall we, my dear?” 

Smiling, Jane linked arms with her husband and they went up the marble steps to the beautiful stained glass doors. One door was a stained glass mosaic of musical notes with the faces of some of the most famed musicians, the other was of different couples dancing. As they reached the doors, a gentleman in a tux opened the doors, greeting them with a short half-bow, “Welcome, we hope you enjoy your visit.” and handed them a pamphlet of all the exhibits there were to explore.

She excitedly chittered about what exhibits she wanted to see first and questioned Will about what ones he was most interested in. They both agreed that the Dance exhibit was the first one they wanted to peruse. They spent their first few hours looking at all the different styles of dance that have been around from the first ballroom dances of royalty, to the freestyle dances of the early 20th and 21st centries. Jane loved the exotic dances of the Tango and Rumba. She thought they were both very erotic in how they were performed. Will stood silently by her side, watching as she tried to follow the steps, a grin forming on his face as she would stumble then get right back into it.

As they made their way over to the music area, they were greeted by a butler who offered glasses of water on a silver platter. The butler spoke not a word, but merely waited silently for them to finish, gave a short bow and departed. It was just about the time when they entered the music section that they noticed they were completely alone aside from the museum staff.

They spent quite a while in the music museum half, Jane swaying with the tempo of some of the songs that echoed in the respective chambers. Each style of music had their own little closed off room, so that one could truly immerse themselves in the sounds of each type of music showcased. Some styles, both Jane and Will would hate the sounds like rap, grindcore, metal, but they both felt soothed by the styles of electroacoustic, smooth jazz, and of course, classical. They spent a good deal of time listening to Industrial songs, in which they stood in the center of the room and she would lean against him as he held her, immersing themselves in the songs.


More to come later on! Please, let me know what you think so far of the story about Jane and Will. Do you find yourself relating to them?

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